Ian Tyler writes: Just been lifting my first earlies, went for Sharpes Express and Duke of York; not too impressed with the Sharpes( apologies to Sean Bean).

Any suggestions gratefully accepted, thinking about Pink Fir Apple and Winston for next year; or some suggestions that you have found successful.

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5 Responses to Potatoes

  1. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    Try Rocket or Arran Pilot. Lifted ours three weeks ago.

  2. Pat Ratcliffe says:

    Please take whatever you can to your nearest Food Bank. I am sure they will be eternally grateful no matter whether the potatoes are King Edward’s or any other variety. They certainly don’t have the cash to afford them or the land on which to grow them.

  3. Mike_H says:

    Charlotte, Maris Baird… Pink Fiir Apple not very blight resistant and knobbly!… sadly no long able to cultivate spuds

  4. Clive Goode says:

    You can’t beat Charlotte if you like a waxy, salad potato.

  5. Ian Tyler says:

    Many thanks for your comments; over the years I’ve grown several of those suggested and certainly Charlotte, Arran Pilot and Marus Piper have proved reliable. Reckon I’ll ponder and make the big decision when the seed catalogue arrives from Scotland.

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