Beeston Fields Drive Access

Councillor Steve Carr writes. have received many calls from residents concerned about the pedestrian barrier being erected at the entrance to Beeston Fields Drive.
I have emailed the Legal Director at the County Council to alert her of the situation and to ask for advice. Given the number of people who walk this street and over many years, I feel it is a Right of Way despite it being a private road.
I will keep residents up to date.


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8 Responses to Beeston Fields Drive Access

  1. Graham Taylor says:

    I have walked this route for over 30 years. By definition it has to be a Public Right of Way, private road or not.

  2. Steve Austin says:

    Its a private road. If its been closed for for a day every year, there is no right of way.

  3. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    I believe Steve Austin is right. It is a private road and is closed for one day per year. I also believe that road maintenance and the new gate have been paid for by the residents. My intention is to try to contact the Chair of the Drive Residents Association (currently unknown to myself) to confirm what I believe to be the situation and to ask with the new entrance if this long established pedestrian access from Bramcote to Beeston will be maintained.

  4. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    I have just spoken with the Chair of the Beeston Fields Residents Association who tells me ‘there are NO plans to restrict pedestrian access through Beeston Fields Drive’

  5. Ben Jeays says:


    Is there an update on this? I’ve just been for a run and found these blocking my way for the first time.

    I know from Strava that I am one of many runners who run regularly along this road.

  6. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    Following Ben’s post I have just visited the site. 9.00am 14/7, the gate IS OPEN, and talking to several Mum’s using the access to take their children to school ‘ there have been no problems’. Would reiterate the Residents Association Chair has assured me that pedestrian access to to the Drive will be maintained

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