Local Plan – Good News for Moor Lane and Bramcote Park

Councillor Steve Carr writes: Further to a previous post concerning Village Green status for the Moor Lane Playing Fields, I have now been given sight by Officers of the Local Plan Part 2 which gives protection to sites in the Bramcote area. Click on the link below to see the relevant papers which will go before the Jobs & Economy Committee on Thursday 6th July.

Bramcote Local Plan

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8 Responses to Local Plan – Good News for Moor Lane and Bramcote Park

  1. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Good News as I thought and previously posted that Steve has had confirmed by Broxtowe Planners, so giving protected ‘Local Green Space’ status to Bramcote Park and the Moor Lane Playing Fields.

  2. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Protected ‘LOCAL GREEN SPACE’ will have he same protection as Greenbelt.

    • RichHartman says:

      I see, but empirical evidence confirms that neither designations actually guarantee to safeguard such land from development, merely to make it less likely.
      So, let no-one be hoodwinked into thinking that this policy (which isn’t a law) will in reality prevent land in Bramcote from being built on.
      Didn’t the Deddington Lane golf course have the same open space ‘protection’, but consent was still given to build on it?

  3. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Rich, I fully appreciate and understand your scepticism, one which I too have shared often in the past.
    The Borough Council did turn down the planning application to build on the golf course, not least because it was protected local space even though NOT carrying the same protection as Greenbelt. On appeal an Inspector overturned the Councils decision because the Borough had not enacted a 5 year land supply. A supply now allocated across the Borough upon which there will be consultation before enactment. A decision once enacted I trust will give that protection from development we both desire.
    The NEW designation of protected ‘Local Green Space’ coming before the Jobs and Economy meeting next Thursday for Bramcote Park and Moor Lane Playing Fields.DOES as I have said carry the same protection as Greenbelt.
    Let’s hope that scepticism is unfounded! Martin.

    • RichHartman says:

      Cllr Plackett, thank you for your response. I will remain sceptical though. For example if, as you say, Bramcote Park is also being given the same level of protection from building, we can expect planning consent to be refused for the proposed cafe building.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        That’s a good point Rich. Conceivably giving planning permission for the cafe may be grounds for appeal if other planning applications for Bramcote Park are turned down. How do you answer that Martin (and others)?

  4. Theo K says:

    I am very surprised to read statements such as ‘local green space will give the same protection as green belt’. My understanding (from what I have seen so far) is that a piece of land being Green Belt does not have any real protection.

    For example, the Coventry Lane playing fields are also green belt, aren’t they? Isn’t the case that an outline planning application is being submitted to the Council for however many houses?

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