News From Anna Soubry MP, 22 June 2017

Anna Soubry writes:It’s just over a year since Jo Cox was murdered by an extreme right wing terrorist. Within days of many of us gathering to celebrate Jo’s belief that “we have more in common than that which divides us”, there was another hate filled attack in London. This time the target were Muslims and it seems the attacker was motivated by a hatred of Islam, no doubt based on ignorance and intolerance.
As we basked in the weekend sunshine at Great Get Togethers, it was also a time to reflect on where we are as a society – as a country. The last twelve months have indeed been momentous, but I am far from convinced we have emerged a better, more united people. Indeed, I believe we are more divided and the language of hate permeates through too much of British life.
During the election campaign I was supported by More United – a group which is campaigning for more tolerance, a fairer economy, stronger democracy, environmental protection and openess. Candidates from all parties gained their support and many of us were successfully elected into Parliament.
After Jo Cox was murdered, I wrote and spoke about the need for all of us involved in politics to “re set the dial” and curb our political language, I had some success but only for a matter of weeks.
As your MP, I get quite a lot of abuse and from most quarters! Much doesn’t trouble me, though it is unpleasant, but there is a level from the far right and hard left that is not acceptable and which I am not going to tolerate. I am also not going to tolerate their attempts to stifle debate and democracy either locally or nationally. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but there are Conservative members in Broxtowe who refuse to stand for election because they fear abuse (especially on line) from their neighbours – and it’s a particular problem in Beeston. We are all under a duty to stand up to these bullies.
There were no real winners in the General Election. The Conservatives lost their majority winning 318 seats. Labour gained seats but at 262 still 56 behind and the Libs Dems made modest gains, now having 12 MPs.
I think the overwhelming majority of people have had enough of elections for the time being. They want their elected representatives to “get on with it” . And by “it’ they mean governing – whether it’s the Brexit negotiations, providing economic stability and growth so there’s more money for our public services or making sure everyone can sleep safely in their own bed at night. We all need to remember that most politicians share common goals based on our desire to make everyone’s lives better – what we disagree about is how to achieve what we all want.
As ever,


Grenfell Tower Fire disaster; Broxtowe asked for extra assurances.

Following the terrible disaster at the Grenfell Tower in London Broxtowe Borough Council has reassured tenants throughout the constituency that none of their buildings have the same cladding used on the Grenfell Tower and that any cladding is fixed without any void to buildings. We don’t have any high rise buildings in Broxtowe – that is, none over 18 metres high.

I have asked Broxtowe Borough Council for details of their contingency plans to assist survivors in the event of a similar local emergency. Yesterday, the Prime Minister apologised for the unacceptably poor response from local and national Government to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Important lessons can be immediately learnt and implemented, not only to change existing fire regulations but also improvements to how Councils and other agencies make sure victims of such devastating and traumatic incidents are immediately supported and rehoused.

<<Click here >> for more information from Broxtowe Borough Council for tenants about smoke detectors, fire alarms and the regular gas and fire assessment checks they make to all their properties.

Armed Forces week

I joined our Mayor Halimah Khaled and veterans at the flag raising ceremony on Monday in Beeston, to mark the start of Armed Forces week. There will be a Freedom Parade through Stapleford on Saturday from 11am (details in the diary section) and I hope as many people as possible will gather to thank our Armed Forces and their families past and present, for their service.

Queen’s Speech dominated by Brexit

Yesterday’s Queen Speech revealed that Parliament will be dominated by Brexit legislation in the next two years. Some 8 Brexit related Bills will be introduced and one of the most important (the so called Great Repeal Bill) will put all existing EU law into British law notably safeguarding workers rights and environmental protection.

I am pleased to see there are no plans for a free vote on changing the Hunting Act and the manifesto commitments on grammar schools appear to have been binned as well. The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill may at first blush sound rather dull, in fact it will help escalate sales of electric vehicles in particular. I will also pay particular attention to the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill which is set to make some important changes to the existing law in a much needed effort to eradicate this long standing problem.

<< Read the Queen’s Speech here >>

Redwood Crescent result!

Congratulations to residents on Redwood Crescent in Beeston who have persuaded Broxtowe Borough Council to listen to their views on the future of their community land. I have been keen to support the residents – we agreed some housing was acceptable as long as the remaining community land was greatly improved (I also want better parking in the area). Well done Broxtowe Councillors for listening and a new scheme will now be worked on.

Hindhu Temple improvements get go ahead

I am also very pleased that Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed plans to improve the facade of the Hindhu Temple in Beeston Rylands.

Contact me

Barton House
61, High Road,

0115 9436507

What’s on in Broxtowe

Saturday 24th June
To mark Armed Forces Day there will be a Freedom of Entry Parade in Stapleford at 11am. Soldiers from 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group, stationed at Chetwynd Barracks, will march through the town to exercise their freedom of entry to the Borough of Broxtowe. Please come along and thank our troops for all they do to keep us safe.

Sunday 25th June
Toton, Chilwell Meadows, neighbouring parts of Chilwell
Neighbourhood Forum update. 5pm Village Hotel Vibe. All welcome

St Michael and all Angels Church Bramcote ‘Winnie the Pooh Afternoon Tea. 4.30 pm. Readings and a posh tea, including honey cakes! £5 per head.

Monday 26th June
Monday Munch Club
Temple Centre, Nottingham Rd, Nuthall
12 for a 12.30pm lunch!
£4.50 a head 2 course meal. Make new friends and catch up with old ones!

Wednesday 28 June
Wednesday mornings with Dig In Stapleford
10am till 12 noon. Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford Full details here.

Saturday 1 July
Broxtowe Community Celebration from 1pm, Roundhill Primary School, Foster Avenue, Beeston



Saturday 8 July

Sunday 16 July
Bramcote Old Church Tower Strawberry Fayre Strawberries and Cream tea, 1pm til 4pm.
Proceeds towards Tower restoration. Everyone welcome, come and hear the history and story behind Bramcote’s ancient Tower!


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16 Responses to News From Anna Soubry MP, 22 June 2017

  1. Fred R says:

    “I think the overwhelming majority of people have had enough of elections for the time being. They want their elected representatives to “get on with it” .”

    That’s a debatable and unprovable point. The bookies are already offering a best-priced 5/2 for a 2017 election (see Oddschecker political betting) and IMO that’s generous, and if the bowler hat and sash brigade don’t play ball that price will drop to Even money soon enough. Whether the public like it or not, there’s bound to be an election inside the next year. (My money would be on October 2017 but there are no odds available for months as yet, sadly.)

    Government will be paralysed, with the opposition rightly trying to defeat the Tories at every step and the Tory whips working full-time to get bolshie backbenchers (such as la Soubry, natch) onside. There will be government, but it’ll be by senior civil servants in Whitehall departments as their ostensible political masters and mistresses will be at best temporary incumbents and preoccupied with Commons and party struggles to do much ‘governing’. As an old anarchist saying goes: whoever you vote for, the government gets in. Which may be a blessing in a hung parliament.

    One positive step that could be taken to advance Brexit negotiations with the EU would be for a multi-party negotiating team to be assembled. Clearly the Tory team is seriously weakened in terms of authority, and Davis, Johnson et al have neither the experience nor the necessary skills to lock horns with the highly experienced EU negotiators. A negotiating ‘team of all the talents’, including such as Vince Cable and Keir Starmer (from whom the out-of-depth Davis could learn an awful lot), would have a much greater chance of delivering a mutually beneficial EU exit than a purely Tory team that is as mismatched as Notts County against Chelsea. See a Guardian article on this issue, and a 38 Degrees petition has already reached 130k signatories. Such a cross-party team would be even more important were there to be another 2017 election, as the country cannot afford yet another 2-month hiatus in negotiations as was caused by May’s early election.

    I would propose that Anna takes this on board, and supports it if it ever reaches the floor of the Commons.

  2. Ian Tyler says:

    Maybe we should take inspiration from the the C of E 39 articles ( no not article 49 for Brexit) ; you sign up to specific acceptances, sadly defined by politicians, various Monarchs and interest groups masquerading as the “true faith”, whatever that means. Never be duped by the suggestion that one should never discuss politics and religion; they are the same thing, edited and promoted to control the unruly proletariat.
    That said the religious doctrines promulgated indicate a membership requirment and set a bench mark to which one should adhere.
    Could this be a possibility for enfranchisement; a questionnaire to be completed before entitlement to vote.
    As a follow up we should legislate against media moguls, ban the Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun and similar establishment PR lackeys; it is these rectally challenged racist mediums that aided the Empire Loyalists of the Conservative Party to hoodwink the British people.
    Brexit is a disaster brought about by Conservative Party infighting and the weak kneed compliance of David Cameron.
    Ah! – feel better for that!


  3. MikeH says:

    This could be another load of rubbish…you decide…
    Darwin said something along the lines of :
    ”It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change…”
    I don’t think Darwin mentioned anything about a species that attempts to turn the clock back 40 years having a chance in the survival stakes.
    Nothing in the queen’s speech that I can see that is about adapting to the world as it is today… or more important, how it will be 40 years hence.
    How will we adapt to cope with things that we know are currently changing our world. Things the impact of which we are not considering and the outcomes of which we have not attempted to quantify.
    • Deep data mining, AI, automation, fuel cells, malevolent misuse of social media.
    Pie in the sky? There are people who don’t think so, GCHQ (and its foreign competition) doesn’t, nor do foreign hackers (example in today’s news), or advertisers (see any Google search), car makers don’t (look out for your first hands free electric car or a parcel delivery drone), bankers use AI to identify where to invest.
    • World changing natural and man-made disasters (we have just had one of the latter) earth quakes, solar flares, climate change, famine, over-population, excessive nitrogen fertilisation, accidental or maybe purposeful nuclear contamination, species destruction.
    These things will happen; are we preparing? No, we haven’t got time, we are doing Brexit.
    Brexit is an irrelevant displacement activity, a distraction, something our government is doing it because it can.
    As Bob the Builder didn’t say…“Are we adapting? No we are not!”
    Brexit will not help.

  4. Ian Tyler says:

    The problem with responding “Rubbish” without a rationale is that the post was meant to promote indignation and a response that suggested pathways forward; evidently a step too far .


  5. Joan Wade says:

    As someone who has been subjected to online bullying I make the following comment. Some while back I posted a comment on Bramcote Today regarding the hanging baskets in Beeston. I have always been of the view that making the public realm look attractive is good for businesses in the locality and did not see my position on this as being controversial. I am not on Facebook but shortly after posting my comments my attention was drawn to a Facebook rant site – now hopefully disbanded – where I was being subjected to abuse and a number of threats following the comments I had made. Whilst not engaging in directly in the threats I did find conservative and Liberal Democratic politicians openly discussing where I might live. One of things voters seem to like about Mr Corbyn is that he does not do abuse and does stick to discussing policies. There is a lesson for politicians to learn from this whether they be from the right or the left.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      Joan Webb. You state that Corbyn “Does not do abuse”. I suggest you listen more carefully to his ramblings. How many times do we hear him abusing the so called “rich”. He seems obsessed with the affluent in society. Corbyn’s rhetoric is one of social division.
      Admittedly Corbyn did come from an affluent family. They owned a seven bedroom manor house. Good for them! Yet Corbyn’s complete academic failure resulted in him turning away from his class and pursuing Communism in its place.
      A psychological evaluation of Corbyn’s subconscious, would prove most enlightening.

      • Joan Wade says:

        Howard – It was just this type of comment you have made and a failure to debate issues and polices that caused the Conservatives to do so badly in the recent election.

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        Four more members of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet gone today. How many has he lost now?
        Corbyn can’t even hold his parliamentary party together. How could he be expected to be Prime Minister of the world’s fifth largest economy? The consequences of such a bizarre leadership would be catastrophic for our nation.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Methinks that Howard is getting worried.

      • RichHartman says:

        Howard – our PM abuses our intelligence by suggesting that her government is ‘strong and stable’. Nothing is further from the truth as she relinquishes policy after policy in order to cling onto power in the face of so much going wrong for her and her party.
        TM’s ‘leadership’ is proving to be catastrophic for our country.

  6. Dave Gofton. says:

    Could everyone please stop going on about national politics. I thought this was a website to discuss local issues, not one for people to be continually discussing nation issues; which they cannot change by making comments on this site.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      LoCal issues certainly get plenty of coverage and opinions..What’s your problem with folks discussing national issues..Over the years folks have discussed Nick Palmer when he was our local MP. And Anna Soubry since she’s been our local MP

    • Joan Wade says:

      Dave Gofton – the problem is that at the moment it is simply not possible to see local and national issues in isolation. The Bramcote area has faced the severest of all the cuts as part of a national austerity agenda. Now the people of Bramcote are to be taxed so that over 1.5billion can go towards supporting an agreement the government has entered into with the DUP – a party formed from paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. An additional 100 billion needs to be found for the Brexit bill. Locally we face a very wretched time ahead not because of any failings on the part of local people nor because of decisions that local people have made but because of poor decision making by national government and because of all the regions in the United Kingdom we are among the least favoured. Many of the people living in Bramcote will be the very doctors and nurses that last week the government refused to accept should have even the prospect of a pay rise.

  7. Mike_H says:

    Two points Dave. Firstly I agree that much (all) of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is my forte will not influence those in power – it hasn’t so far, not even when on a government committee! Secondly I find it difficult to separate the two. I would like my grandsons local comprehensive to have enough books to go round, I don’t want the geriatric services I rely on at City Hospital to disappear into the community, I don’t want unsympathetic building to destroy the Bramcote ridge green corridor, I do want the R&D in the world leading electrical machines departments at our university to collaborate with universities in Europe, I don’t think that there is anything anyone local can do about these issues; they are all a result of the intervention of our national government.
    I welcome the fact that this site and its managers give me the opportunity to put my point of view to my neighbours, it helps me; and I hope it doesn’t annoy them or you too much.

  8. Ian Tyler says:

    Good comment Mike, it can all be terribly frustrating – but you made your point – my grandchildren are half a world away but we all need a bit of altruism instead of this pathetic unwordliness that seems to attract more and more of the I’ll informed

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