Japanese Knotweed in Kilburn Close, Bramcote Moor

Sam Routley writes: A small clump of Japanese Knotweed has been found growing in a neighbour’s garden on Kilburn Close, Bramcote Moor.

This has appeared 6 months after work by a garden clearance company who may have brought it in on their boots / tools.

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that is very difficult to control and will break through concrete including house foundations. The presence of this plant on any property can make it difficult to obtain a mortgage and it can be expensive to eradicate if allowed to become established. It can devalue both the property and neighbouring properties by tens of thousands of pounds.

Plans are in hand to kill the plant that has been found, but neighbours are advised to keep an eye in their own gardens in case the plant has already spread, which it does through underground roots. It needs to be treated with a Glyphosate weedkiller, repeatedly for about 5 years, and any remnants burned. Neighbours are advised against trying to dig it up unless you are prepared to dig down 3 meters, and 8 meters across! It is illegal to dispose of it in any of your bins as it is considered as controlled waste.


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