Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Town in London last week, there is understandably concern about the safety of Council buildings and the fire safety measures in place.

Broxtowe Borough Council is reassuring its tenants with the following information:

  • In Broxtowe we have no “high rise” (over 18m) accommodation blocks in the Council’s housing stock. Our highest block is 9m.
  • Where cladding has been used on our buildings, it is not the same material as the cladding used at Grenfell Tower.
  • Where cladding has been used, it has been fixed to the building in such a way so there is no void. This prevents the ‘chimney effect’ which was seen at Grenfell and is believed to have allowed the fire to spread so quickly.
  • Hard wired smoke detectors are installed to our Retired Living Properties and facilities. As part of our modernisation programme of general housing we check for existing smoke detectors and replace, or install new ones if required. If not hard wired a battery operated smoke detector is fitted.
  • Smoke detectors in individual properties are checked as part of Gas Safety checks and we are putting in place procedures to also check them in properties with electric heating when electrical safety checks are carried out.
  • Fire Risk Assessments are carried out on a rolling basis (annually for Retired Living Accommodation) and an external provider will be carrying out a more in depth fire risk audit on a selection of Retired Living Schemes and general housing next month. The findings of this audit will help inform a Fire Risk Assessment Policy.

    If tenants have any questions or concerns, these can be raised through the Resident Involvement Group which meets regularly or if they live in Sheltered Housing, they can speak to their Retirement Living Officers.

    For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 7777, email or visit

Source: Broxtowe Borough Council Press Release.

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