Crime Alert Update

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes:

Crime update for last couple of days over Broxtowe South cluster:-

Theft of Motor Vehicle:-

Dennis Avenue, Beeston – 11/06/2017 – Theft of a Yamaha Ferago 535.

Theft from Motor Vehicle:-

Selside Court, Chilwell – between 05 -11/06/2017 – Number plates stolen from a vehicle.
Trevor Road, Chilwell – 12-13/06/2017 – Number plates stolen from a vehicle.

Burglary Other Than Dwelling:-

Attenborough Lane, Beeston – between 12-13/06/2017 – Shed broken into and tools stolen.
Trowell Moor, Trowell – between 06/06/2017 and 13/06/2017 caravan used for storage broken into.

Best wishes,

Neighbourhood Police Team – Broxtowe South Cluster

Source: Broxtowe Community email.

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4 Responses to Crime Alert Update

  1. JudyS says:

    Still no mention of all the bikes being stolen!

    • Sue Sambells says:

      I contacted the South Broxtowe Police team on your behalf. PCSO Andy Ward has advised:
      We accept that bikes are stolen, with some regularity. Tools at our disposal are utilised, such as CCTV and a ‘capture bike’ and, as a result, some offenders are apprehended.
      Sadly, not all offenders are caught and not many bikes recovered which is why Paula has reminded people on the last update to use ‘D’ locks where they can to ensure bikes are as difficult to steal as possible.
      Unfortunately, what we do see, whilst on patrol, are sometimes very expensive bikes secured with a thin cable lock which provides very little resistance against a pair of bolt croppers.
      We would advise people to do their research and spend at least 10% of the value of the bike, on a good lock.

      • Pat Ratcliffe says:

        Sue, your comment isn’t really a proper reply to the what JudyS posted. Is it good enough to say that bikes are stolen, regularly, and then leave them out of the posted statistics? Is it acceptable to suggest that victims are to blame in some part because they haven’t secured their property in a better fashion?
        Proper statistics, please, properly reported with proper and diligent attempts to recover property stolen, please.

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    Pat, I brought Judy’s comment to the attention of our NPT and published the response that I received.
    Our quarterly community safety meeting for May was cancelled because of the Election so I haven’t received the usual updates since January when other thefts (cycles would be included) in South Broxtowe totalled 137 for the final quarter of 2016. Minutes can be read at

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