News from Anna Soubry MP 11 June 2017

Anna Soubry writes: It’s a great honour and pleasure to have been re-elected to serve you as your MP. Anna Soubry writes: It’s a great honour and pleasure to have been re-elected to serve you as your MP.
As the screen shots below show, I received an extra 1800 votes but my majority was reduced as Labour polled 5,000 more than in 2015. 
On Thursday morning I learnt that 2,500 people in Broxtowe had registered to vote since the General Election was called, following a successful campaign by the Labour party to increase registration amongst students and younger people. The UKIP vote crumbled with many going home to Labour and the big drop in the Green vote indicates tactical voting.
Either which way, Labour did well in Broxtowe and credit is due to Greg Marshall and his team.
In addition to thanking everyone who voted Conservative, I would like to pay a particular tribute to those who helped my campaign. They know who they are; together we walked miles in all weathers and we knocked on thousands of doors and I am very grateful for their hard work and friendship.
During the last Parliament I made two speeches in which I warned my Leave supporting colleagues that many young people believe their future had been “stolen” by older Brexit supporting voters in the EU Referendum. Most of those young Remainers didn’t vote in the referendum but on Thursday they turned out and in their terms, they took back control of their future, by voting Labour.
The Conservative Party has failed to win a majority and is apparently seeking a working arrangement with the DUP. I have already received many emails (mainly round robins as part of an on line campaign) about the DUP. I want to make it clear that I know and have good relations with a number of DUP MPs (indeed I can say the same about a number of Labour MPs), but that does not mean I agree with their policies on abortion and LBGT issues – on the contrary I profoundly disagree with them. In the early hours of Friday morning I called on Theresa May to consider her position as Prime Minister, but I do not believe she should resign immediately. We need her to stay and form a Government that will reach a consensus on Brexit and begin the negotiations. We need a kinder Conservatism that recognises the very real concerns about reduced school budgets, a short fall in NHS and social care funding and that some of our most valued public servants such as nurses, have had their wages cut.
I believe Theresa will step down and in due course we will have a new Prime Minister but in the meantime we need a period of stability.
as ever,
The result in Broxtowe












Hemlock Happening


There were concerns that yesterday’s Hemlock Happening wouldn’t happen after a large number of travellers moved on to Bramcote Park on Thursday. The Police are to be thanked for moving them on. I was pleased to open the event with our Mayor, Halimah Khaled and Stapleford Mayor, Chris Rice. Congratulations as ever to the organisers especially Bramcote’s Stan Heptinstall.

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One Response to News from Anna Soubry MP 11 June 2017

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Congratulations Anna.
    Despite a terrible campaign and abysmal manifesto, we still won. The majority of people could see Corbyn for what he is. A thinly disguised Communist who would destroy our country.
    Corbyn’s bigotry towards the so called rich, reveals him for what he is. A vile little man who wishes to divide society by pitting one group against another.
    Now with the alliance of our Northern Ireland Conservative brothers, the DUP, we have five years to accomplish a departure from the EU dictatorship. Let’s make Brexit as hard as diamonds.

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