Crime Update

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes:

I have now returned from leave and have a few updates for you from the last couple of days:-

Burglary Other Than Dwellings:-

Pasture Road, Stapleford – Between 09 and 10/06/2017 – Locks taken off the gate, nothing stolen from within garden or shed on this occasion.

Stapleford Road, Trowell – Between 10 and 11/06/2017 – Lock taken off garage – nothing stolen.

Theft of motor vehicle:-

Ryecroft Street, Stapleford – Between 09 and 10/06/2017 – Kimco Agility Moped in black with red wheels stolen.

Halls Road, Stapleford – 10/06/2017 – Yamaha 125 in black stolen.


Peveril Road, Beeston – Between 09 and 10/06/2017.

Please be vigilant and contact us if you see anything/anyone acting suspicious.

Best wishes,

Broxtowe Cluster Neighbourhood Policing Team

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One Response to Crime Update

  1. JudyS says:

    No mention of all the bikes still being stolen in Beeston or indeed the motorbikes now also being stolen!

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