A Message from Greg Marshall – and an Invitation!

Nick Plamer writes: Greg has asked me to pass on this message:

Dear all,

Just a short message to say thank you to everyone who took the trouble to vote in the election, and of course especially to those who gave me their support. During the short campaign, I was able to meet thousands of constituents and I hope they found it as rewarding as I did. I really enjoyed talking to as many of you as I could and I learned a great deal. I look forward to building on that as we work to prepare for the next election, which in view of the emerging chaos in Downing Street seems likely sooner rather than later.

If you would like to help finish the job of winning Broxtowe back for Labour, do join! Just click on https://join.labour.org.uk/ or get in touch with the campaign using the details below – we’ll look forward to welcoming you very warmly and working with you for real change.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/gregmarshall4broxtowe
Website – http://www.gregmarshall4broxtowe.org.uk
Email – greg@gregmarshall4broxtowe.org.uk
Twitter – @Greg4Broxtowe

Best wishes

Greg Marshall

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10 Responses to A Message from Greg Marshall – and an Invitation!

  1. Pat Ratcliffe says:

    Let’s hope that Greg and the local Labour leadership learn make every effort to form a local progressive alliance with other local parties, well before any new election might be called.

  2. Lynda Maddison says:

    Thanks Greg, for being a person who cares about REAL constituents concerns and were seen out and about among the people of our community….. I hope we can all build a better UK together… Keep up the good work…..!!!😊😊😊

  3. Howard Shakespeare says:

    The LibDem’s lost the election. Their leader Tim Farron, did the honorable thing and resigned.

    UKIP lost the election. Their leader Paul Nuttall, did the honorable thing and resigned.

    Labour lost the election. Their leader Jeremy Corbyn, ……..Oh!

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Labour lost the election. Their leader Jeremy Corbyn, …… doesn’t need to resign as Labour gained 31 more seats than in 2015. Whereas the Conservatives………Come on Howard, get it right.

      Personally I’d prefer it if Theresa May stayed as PM, and Jeremy Corbyn agreed to support her when it comes to Brexit (and only Brexit).

      • Barry Morrison says:

        That seems the most sensible way to go in the near future for Brexit Ian.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Howard – Under our constitution the party that wins a general election is the party that commands majority support in the House of Commons. Theresa May failed to gain such a majority. The last thing that she now wants is another general election but she has also so far failed to negotiate an arrangement with the DUP that would give her the majority needed. She will no doubt try to cling to office for as long as possible – weeks pr months – but the practical reality as many leading Conservatives will readily admit is that the Conservatives also lost the election

      • Barry Morrison says:

        She could still govern with a minority government, albeit with the help of the DUP which is not yet guaranteed, but, knowing the conservative party and what a ruthless back stabbing politically assassinating party they are. I don’t give her much longer..4-00am on June 9th on TV. Just look at the smirk on George Osborne’s face when it became obvious that Teresa May had blown the majority in the House of Commons and the realisation that it was going to be a hung parliament..Anna Soubry couldn’t wait to get on the media and say ”Theresa should consider her position”. Parliamentary speak for ‘ She should resign’..Miaow and cats claws come into this here..And once again I find myself agreeing with Joan Wade. Wonders will never cease

      • Joan Wade says:

        Since posting my comment earlier today news has emerged that Theresa May is to use £1.5 billion to pave the way for a deal with DUP in an effort to help her cling to power. This money will not come from a magic money tree but along with an ongoing 100 billion Brexit fee will be taken from the people of Bramcote. The Daily Telegraph gives a summary of the shabby process that is taking place. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/26/dup-deal-prop-minority-tory-government-set-cost-billions-party/

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    The Tories won and now we’re in a bigger mess than we were pre june 8th

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