Diesel Spillage on Hickings Lane and Pasture Road

Councillor Richard MacRae informs us:   Having been made aware of this Diesel spill I contacted Councillor Richard Jackson to inform him and soon after the Highways Department from Nottinghamshire County Council are on the scene clearing up the Diesel spill caused by a Trent Barton Bus.

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2 Responses to Diesel Spillage on Hickings Lane and Pasture Road

  1. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    Also on Ewe Lamb Lane and Derby Road.

  2. Ian Tyler says:

    Well we’re in the soft and smelly; let’s forget Party divides, we’re the laughing stock of Europe.
    We need our politicians to show leadership; our country needs to be united .
    If we are going to sort out this mess it requires unity and a resolve to tackle the issues raised by Brexit.
    All our politicians need to swallow their pride and come together to deliver a coherent pathway

    Our Prime Minister was ill-advised and I’d like to see some genuine all party acknowledgment that we put our country before political one upmoneship.
    Carry the banner Anna, you are our representative and however acerbic I may appear , I think you
    can make a difference.


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