Broxtowe Constituency Result

Soubry reelected.

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2 Responses to Broxtowe Constituency Result

  1. Joan Wade says:

    No doubt Howard Shakespeare will be pleased with tonight’s result. However the sad reality is that the country is now to be governed by a coalition of chaos. The DUP will be pulling the strings with any moderates in the Conservative party now sidelined. At the same time our European partners are facing the prospect of having no credible representative attending the Brexit negotiations from this country. As Anna Soubry herself has said on live TV tonight Theresa May will have to consider her position after this dreadful campaign. The media have already named Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as the likely next Prime Minister but one wonders how credible he will be in Europe.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      I don’t think Howard has an awful lot to be pleased about, after all, it’s only a couple of weeks ago that he said Jeremy Corbyn would be gone today..Long way off Howard..I’ll agree with the rest of Joan’s post..We are now in a bigger mess than pre yesterday..It was a dreadful campaign..I think she was right to call an election but then got it horribly wrong..For a start she should never have included in the manifesto the so called dementia tax and to me the biggest problem was the continued attempted character assaination of Jeremy Corbin and Jon McDonnell..That backfired spectacularly..Even I as a tory voter thought that was a massive mistake.

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