Broxtowe Constituency Full Result

Tim Hallam, LiberalDemocrat: 2257

Fran Lou, UKIP: 1477

Greg Marshall, Labour: 25120

Pat Morton, Green Party: 681

Anna Soubry, Conservative: 25983

Anna Soubry was elected with a majority of   863.

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8 Responses to Broxtowe Constituency Full Result

  1. RichHartman says:

    No surprise, Ms Soubry won. Close, though. If the LibDem and Green voters hadn’t wasted their vote by voting for currently hopeless causes, the outcome might have been different.
    Significant pile of egg on national Tory face now, the call for the election has completely backfired. on Theresa May.
    And how arrogant of Soubry now to attack TM on air rather than rallying round to support her party leader. Shameful.

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      Somewhat arrogant, don’t you think, RichHartman for May to seek to maintain herself in office, putting the Tory Party before the interests of the nation by seeking the support of people representing values on life so abhorred by most British people?

  2. Nick Palmer says:

    Congratulations to Anna for winning and to Greg on running her so close against the regional trend. Next time…!

  3. Fred R says:

    Hmm. So had the Libdems supported the call by the Greens, Compass and other Left groups, for a progressive alliance, and stood aside in Broxtowe, there’d be one less Tory in parliament. It’s time for party tribalism to go out of the window on the Left, and for some coordination such as down Brighton way, to stand aside in seats so’s not to split the anti-Tory vote. That includes seats where Libdems have the main chance of defeating Tories and Labour will only ever finish third or worse, so would lose little from not standing.

    • Joan Wade says:

      That sounds very sensible Fred. Surely the LibDems can not have wanted the DUP running Bramcote. Theresa May has blamed the election result on her special advisers. It transpires that they called the election while Theresa was out at the shops. Meanwhile local Nottingham Labour MP Chris Leslie appears to be seeking to undermine the most successful (in gaining vote swing) Labour leader since Clement Attlee. Strange times.

    • JudyS says:

      This is what happened in Bath where my son lives. Labour supporters agreed to vote LibDem and the Candidate won beating the Conservatives by 4000 votes so it does work in practice.

  4. Cliff H says:

    They used to call that ‘gerrymandering ‘ when I were a lad. So much for democracy.

  5. Ian Tyler says:

    An example of “gerrymandering” promising green belt protection for political advantage then concurring after having gained electoral success.
    And by the way , I supported Fields Farm development and said so, unlike the the duplicitous Tories who told you what you wanted to hear rather than the truth – bit like Theresa – what a bunch of arrogant toss pots.

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