Greg Marshall and Nick Palmer Writes on Terrorism and the General Election

Terrorism and the General Election

This is a joint statement from Greg as your Labour candidate and Nick as the former MP whom many of you know.

Like the other parties (except UKIP), Labour felt it right to suspend campaigning for most of yesterday as a mark of respect for the victims of the new atrocity. However, we both feel that we now need to resume the democratic process. More than that: it is in our view essential that candidates set out how we will deal with the issue of terrorism, before we move back onto the wider issues of public services and the economy which should decide the election. If we just try to change the subject and avoid controversy it isn’t showing respect to the victims – parties and candidates need to show what we will do differently to avoid this happening again and again in the coming years.

1. It is essential that counter-terrorism work be adequately funded. Labour believes that the cuts in police numbers need to be reversed – to combat ordinary crime as well as terrorism -and specifically we need to be prepared to provide ample funding for the often highly technical work of intelligence and counter-terrorism.
2. We need to review in detail with the counter-terrorism specialists what they line with judicial authority. We need to back the specialists and our police forces in the battle against terrorism.
3. As Nick wrote at the start of the election, we need to try to avoid getting into further unnecessary conflicts, and in particular any decisions should be taken by the British Parliament, and not, as Mrs May and Boris Johnson have suggested, as a natural response to a request from Donald Trump. This is not to excuse terrorism: people who decide to kill random civilians and even children have no excuse at all. But it means not widening the range of enemies by getting unnecessarily involved again in the incredibly complex feuds of the Middle East. Nor is it anti-American – the point is simply that a special relationship does not mean that we automatically go to war whenever asked.
4. We need to use our trading influence and traditional alliances to press for an end to the funding of terrorist groups by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Britain’s willingness to overlook their involvement has been partly because they were useful allies in our own wars and partly to boost our arms exports. The price in terms of expanding terrorist networks funded by money from autocratic governments is one we shouldn’t support.
5. We need to work closely with the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims and other minority groups to isolate and expose those who are intent on causing intolerable pain and strife for people of every community in Britain.

One of the fundamental purposes of British government is to protect the British people and everyone else visiting Britain, and if Greg is elected this will be one of his fundamental priorities.

Greg Marshall  Nick Palmer

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3 Responses to Greg Marshall and Nick Palmer Writes on Terrorism and the General Election

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    A vote for Greg Marshall is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell. Does anybody really want to see these three political extremists running our nation?
    In a vote of no confidence last year, the Parliamentary Labour Party voted 172 against Corbyn with just 40 in support. That would have resulted in the resignation of a Social Democratic MP. But Corbyn is backed by Momentum, the Trotskyist infiltrators of Labour.
    How could Corbyn negotiate with people like Merkel and Juncker, when his own MPs have no confidence in him? His ability to retain a Shadow Cabinet is a farce. Last year 63 members resigned. Corbyn was running out of Labour MPs to fill the empty posts.
    If Corbyn wins on Thursday, this country will descend into financial and social collapse. Brexit will be a failure. Every British subject will pay an enormous price, for Corbyn’s complete failure to understand economics, and his inability to grasp reality.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Oh Howard – How desperate your posts are becoming. If anyone is a friend to the extremists it is the person who as Home Secretary and then as Prime Minster cut police numbers by 20,000 and told the police that they were scaremongering when they said this would lead to an increase in terrorists incidents. It is the person on whose watch a jihadist stared on a Channel 4 television programme called the “jihadist living next door” proclaiming that he was a jihadist and yet Theresa May still failed to act. It is the person who claimed that an extremist could not be deported because of a court case involving a cat and ended up being reprimanded by the judiciary for making the story up. It is the person who just a few weeks ago went to Saudi Arabia to sell weapons to one of the most authoritarian countries in the world. It is the person who a day before a general election announces that they will dispense with Human Rights. As a nation we will not defeat extremism by indulging in any more of such buffoonery

  2. Mike_H says:

    Howard. Please have a look at the evidence. The country is already £1.7 trillion on debt. We have sold off most of our assets, we are in the process of using the austerity argument for cutting and cutting away public services, we have hardly any manufacturing industry left (just look what Nottingham has lost in the last 20 or so years). All this was started by the lady from Grantham and is perpetuated by her current acolytes most of whom are wealthy enough not to have noticed what they are doing. Effective fiscal management is hardly a Tory strong point.

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