Comment from Anna Soubry

Hello again,    As the campaign enters the final stages it is widely accepted that this has been the most challenging of all General Elections. The terror attacks in Manchester and now London, leaving so many murdered or maimed, has shocked and appalled us all. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of all those who died or were injured and our gratitude to the emergency services, especially the police for their swift reaction, is enormous. 

In times like these we face choices. We can choose either to give in or stand up to terrorism; choose to condemn or condone Islamic extremism which is a sick and deadly perversion of a great faith; choose whether to allow those who seek to destroy all that we believe in, to divide us, or the can chose to come together. I am very proud of the Mayor of Broxtowe, Halimah Khaled, who earned her MBE in part for the work she does in her faith community, where she combats extremism especially amongst the young. We will mark Saturday evening’s dreadful attacks with a minutes silence at 11 am tomorrow. Wherever you are I hope you will do the same.

I have some snippets of news, then a healthy dose of politics (in my opinion!)   As ever,  Anna

Forces in the Community receives highest award

The Beeston based charity, Forces in the Community, has received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a volunteer group can receive. This marks the work of Rick Harrington and his team in supporting armed forces veterans especially with mental health support. I have been incredibly proud to support Forces in the Community and I am sure you will join me in congratulating them on this most prestigious of awards.   << Support Forces in the Community here >>

Stapleford Post Office success

I am delighted that following the successful campaign to stop Stapleford Post Office moving into Bargain Booze, the Post Office have announced Sean’s Shop as their favoured new location. There is now a six week consultation on its suitability. I led the campaign against the move to Bargain Booze along with local Councillors. A huge thank you to everyone who signed the petition and made their views known to the Post Office.

Greasley Gathering

I was delighted to attend the Greasley Gathering which was a great success despite the weather. It was good to see ‘the chain gang’ out in force! Our Mayor, Cllr. Halimah Khaled was joined by Greasley Parish Council Chair, Cllr. Mick Brown and the new Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council, Cllr. John Handley.

My ten pledges to you 

It’s been an honour and a privilege to be your MP. If re-elected on Thursday, these are my ten pledges to you for the next five years.

  1. I will continue to champion Broxtowe. I will lead in the constituency to ensure we take full advantage of HS2 coming to Toton Sidings. I will continue to work with the Neighbourhood Forum so people throughout Toton, Chilwell Meadows and Chilwell can plan the very best future for the area. On the basis the Army sells Chetwynd Barracks, then it is even more critical the local community leads on improving the area’s infrastructure to get better roads, paths and cycleways, more school places, better health services and a country park for everyone to enjoy. In early July I will bring together all the relevant parties – HS2, the Ministry of Defence, local Councils, the Forum etc for a half day convention to ensure we are able to get the very best outcomes for the area. I will continue to campaign against a 60 foot viaduct to deliver the HS2 route through Trowell and for better compensation for everyone on the route in Stapleford, Trowell, Strelley Village and Nuthall.
  2. I believe there is huge potential for the A610 to become a corridor of growth to bring more development and jobs into the Greasley and Kimberley area of Broxtowe. This could help fund much needed improvement of the roads adjoining the A610 notably at the Ikea roundabout. 
  3. I will continue to work for our three great towns of Stapleford, Kimberley and Beeston so they become even better places to live, work and play. I have successfully backed free wi-fi in Stapleford town centre and want to see that rolled out to our other towns. I will also continue to work with local traders, residents and elected representatives to improve the night time economy.
  4. I will continue to support the Neighbourhood Forums being set up throughout Broxtowe (for example in Awsworth, Nuthall and Bramcote), assist Parish and Town Councils with their work and work with Broxtowe Borough Council.
  5. I will continue to defend our Green Belt, locally and in Parliament. I have spoken out against the bad decisions of the Planning Inspector and will continue to hold the Government to account on delivering protection for our Green Belt. I will continue to work with developers of the Kimberley Brewery site, Bartons in Beeston, Boots and other sites in the Rylands, to speed up and encourage new homes to be built on brown field sites.
  6. Although spending is at record levels, I will make the case in Parliament to Government for better funding of our schools in Broxtowe and to improve our local NHS, in particular mental health services.
  7. I will support and encourage local businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and create more jobs in Broxtowe.
  8. I will continue to campaign on local issues like keeping the Attenborough crossings open and for speed calming measures on the A52 and in Moorgreen. I will continue to take these campaigns into Parliament as well as County Hall.
  9. I will continue to campaign in Broxtowe and in Parliament for a fairer society based on tolerance, openness, free speech and democracy.   I accept and will continue to honour the EU Referendum result. We are leaving the EU and must now get a good deal. I will continue to make the case for the positive benefits of immigration and the single market.

Why it is so important to vote Conservative on Thursday 

The General Election is not simply about which candidate you would prefer as your MP.    Your choice on Thursday is also about who you want as your Prime Minister, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

And it’s also about Brexit and the economy

Having spent many months knocking on doors (and thank you for the warm welcome and the many conversations)in both the County and General Election campaigns, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of people in Broxtowe, whether they voted Remain or Leave, respect the result and want us to get on with Brexit. I believe only Theresa May has the ability to get us a good deal. I find it difficult to imagine Jeremy Corbyn negotiating this most important of matters. 

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been much debate in the General Election campaign about the economy. Labour’s plans superficially, for some at least, sound rather attractive. Labour has also costed their plans which include the end of University tuition fees (£11.2 billion), free school meals for every child under 11 and more school funding (£6.3 billion), 30 hours of free child care for all 2 year olds and some one year olds (£5.3 billion) and the re-nationalisation of the railways, utility companies and Royal Mail (£250 billion). These are just some of their hugely costly plans but where is the money going to come from? The answer is, from you. True to form Labour will put up taxes, and rack up debt, which we will all have to pay for eventually. It’s classic old style Labour – a repeat performance on the economy which time and time again has left us with “no more money”.

Living within our means, reducing taxes for the less well off (we have raised the personal allowance to over £10,000 taking millions of lower paid people out of income tax), encouraging entrepreneurs, improving productivity through training and better education (we are creating 3 million apprenticeships), improving public services, and helping businesses to grow and create jobs by cutting Corporation Tax (since we’ve cut it receipts have gone up) all means a stronger economy which in turn funds better public services. 

On Thursday I hope you vote for me as a hard working MP who has championed numerous local issues both in Broxtowe and in Parliament. I also ask you to vote Conservative, not only because Theresa May is the only leader who can secure a good Brexit deal, but also because the Conservative Party’s economic policies will ensure a better future for generations to come. The vast majority of people in Broxtowe are moderate, sensible folk who work hard and do the right thing by their families and community. We need sensible and responsible leadership and policies to steer us through the choppy waters of Brexit and beyond. Only the Tories have both.

Attacks on democracy

If you wondered why there aren’t more Conservative posters in Broxtowe the above photographs explain much of the problem. Our opponents keep on ripping them down or damaging them or stealing them. After a Labour rally in Beeston on Saturday one such poster was removed from a nearby garden and destroyed. Many Conservative supporters simply refuse to take a poster because they believe it or their home will be attacked. The vandalism and destruction of posters is not just illegal but is also an attack on democracy. During elections we all have a right to put up posters and for them to left alone and I am pleased Labour’s candidate in Broxtowe has condemned the attacks on our posters.  In the meantime (if you’d like to run the risk or rather stand up for democracy!) please let me know if you would like a poster.

More United meets Momentum

Some of the More United supporters who joined my Beeston street stall on Saturday.

I was delighted that More United joined my street stall in Beeston on Saturday. This cross party group is supporting a number of candidates in the General Election from the Labour, Lib Dem, Green and Conservative Parties. 

In sharp contrast Labour’s stall was dominated by Momentum the extreme left group which has been heavily criticised by moderate Labour MP’s and members. Momentum were out in force to support Broxtowe’s hard left candidate and Jeremy Corbyn, who visited the town later for a rally. Members of Momentum surrounded our stall trying to intimidate us. Luckily, one of our oldest Councillors, Joan Briggs and one of the youngest, Stephanie Kerry, were having none of it! Together with some Beeston residents, they politely asked them to leave and we carried on talking to the many people who gave us a warm welcome and asked for selfies! Notable by their absence were the familiar and friendly faces of local Labour members and Councillors. Like the national party, Broxtowe Labour has been taken over by the far left. 

Policy matters

I have been inundated with emails about policy, usually from web generated campaign groups. I am doing my best to reply. In the meantime here is what I hope is a helpful summary. I should add the Conservative Party manifesto has a very good section on animal welfare issues.

Police numbers and spending

The Conservative Government has protected police spending since 2015. It is worth remembering that after Jeremy Corbyn became Leader, Labour wanted to cut the police budget by 10 per cent. The Conservatives have also protected the counter-terrorism policing budget since 2010 – and in 2015 we announced funding for an additional 1,900 officers at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

Free school meals

The Conservative Party manifesto has promised to give all children under 11 free breakfasts. There will be no changes for children from the poorest of families who are entitled to free school dinners – they will now get a free breakfast as well as lunch.

The previous Coalition Government introduced free lunches for all 5-7 year olds. This will be phased out saving about half a billion pounds and that money will be re-directed to school budgets easing the burden of rising costs on many of our schools. It’s also worth remembering that our schools get the ‘pupil premium’ (extra money) for every child who receives free school lunches.

There is considerable evidence that making sure every child has breakfast improves their ability to learn and study.

Fox Hunting – I won’t vote to bring it back

If elected as your MP I will not vote to change the current laws. I have changed my mind on this subject.Theresa May has said the new Parliament will have a vote on whether to change the current Hunting Act and allow the return of fox hunting. Any vote would be a ‘free vote’.


I know of no good reason to amend or change the 1967 Abortion Act.

Assisted suicide

I believe we should change the existing law and I have taken part in Parliamentary debates on the subject. It simply can’t be right that people who wish to end their lives have to travel to Switzerland when they should be able to die in their own homes with their loved ones and with dignity.



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13 Responses to Comment from Anna Soubry

  1. Donna MacRae says:

    How can Anna Soubry claim she lead the campaign against the former proposals to move the Post Office into Bargain Booze.  

    No she didn’t. 

    The campaign was lead by Stapleford Councillors.

    Councillor Richard MacRae and John McGrath had a meeting with the Officers from the Post Office and Officers and Town Team Managers from Broxtowe Borough Council.

    There was also an online petition. 

    Other Stapleford Councillors also did a paper petition on the Stapleford High Street.   

    All of this was done before a meeting took place at the Offices of Anna Soubry where the petition was given to the Officers from the Post Office.

    Stapleford Town Council and Broxtowe Borough Council both opposed the Proposed move into Bargain Booze. 

    Now the Manager of Bargain Booze withdrew his application from the Post Office as he didn’t agree with the changes to his business the Post Office wanted to make and the Post Office made this clear on a press release they issued. 

    Councillor Richard MacRae then visited every shop on the High Street in Stapleford and made them aware of the reopened process to apply to take on the Post Office. 

    Three businesses were interested, one sadly closed down and one didn’t complete the application process.  

    Sean’s Shop completed the process with the help and full support of Councillor Richard MacRae who also supplied a character reference for the Manager of Sean’s Shop. 

    So how can Anna Soubry claim she lead the campaign against this.   NO SHE DIDN’T. 

  2. Steve Carr says:

    Donna. You are absolutely right.

  3. Howard Shakespeare says:

    The Labour Manifesto is a bigger fairy tale than anything written by the Brothers Grimm. In fact it is just grim. It offers financial bribes to Corbyn supporters. In truth they would be very disappointed, as it would result in the bankruptcy of the nation.
    The leaked Land Value Tax, or “Garden Tax”, would see Council Tax replaced with something costing up to three times more. Labour have tried to defuse this revelation by stating it isn’t so. But it is hidden away in the manifesto, and leaks from Momentum have also confirmed its prospect of implementation.
    Corbyn’s Magic Money Tree, would never fruit. But its roots would undermine the foundations of the house.

    (Cue Joan Wade – Enter stage left)

    • Joan Wade says:

      I note Howard that you are seeking a response from me. All I can say in response to what you have written here is that it is far better for our nation if political debate is based on verified facts rather than unattributed “leaks” from unknown sources and avoids rudeness or abuse

  4. Joan Wade says:

    Police numbers have been cut by over 20,000 since 2010. This has been done under the watch of Theresa May and may well be one of the reasons why the concerns raised with the police about individuals involved in recent incidents were not acted upon. Ms Soubry tells us about what she is going to do and about the Labour party. She is the current MP and setting aside the Bargain Booze issue which appears to be in dispute she should be able to tell about a success she has had for the area,

  5. Nick Palmer says:

    Ms Soubry’s claim to be independent-minded in practice is undermined by her willingnwess to repeat almost any Central Ofice line, however thin. For example, the evidence against taking frees school lunches away in terms of impact on both health and education is overwhelming, and the suggesiton that it’s well replaced by 8p per head for a “breakfast” is just silly. And, as Broxtowe’s former MP, never seen as especially far left, I’ve never seen Broxtowe Labour more united and more inclusive, as was very evident at the huge rally in Beeston this week.It’s a real plasure to see and I hope it’s crowned with success on Thursday.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      Nick Palmer supported Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Last year he stated that he supported Jeremy Corbyn. Blair/Brown and Corbyn are as different as salt and pepper. Social Democrats and Marxist have almost nothing in common.
      It is of note that Nick Palmer stated he would not stand again after being defeated by Anna Soubry in 2015. Yet when this election was called, he declared his candidacy. However Labour Central Office had different ideas and parachuted in their candidate. It gives the impression that Momentum stabbed Nick Palmer in the back.

      • Pat Ratcliffe says:

        Mr Shakespeare,
        The truth is rather important when making comment on any matter. Your statement regarding Labour Central Office forcing the local members of the party to reject Nick for Greg Marshall, is so far from that truth and reality as to be laughable.
        Greg Marshall was the choice of local people. He’s a good man, honest, trustworthy, and with a strong, caring philosophy on life.
        I hope his view on life wins tomorrow, and your lies and innuendo are rejected.

      • Joseph Baxter says:

        I don;t know why you think Greg was parachuted in. He is from Broxtowe and is a Borough councillor.

        He put his name in the hat to be selected and was.

  6. Mike_H says:

    As with most of the other manifestos and pledges the missive from our Anna seems to me to gloss over many of the risks that any government will have to manage in the next five years. I suggest some of the risks not mentioned are as follows. (In the order they occured to me not in order of importance or likelihood)

    1. an increasing use of robotics and AI eliminating or de-skilling jobs

    2. increasing climate change causing further floods and coastal erosion

    3. the accelerating decay of our already flaky electricity grid

    4. the risk posed by a declining ability to influence the growth and maintenance of our infrastructure, utilities and industry as most of it is in foreign ownership …(did the Spanish owners of BA invest enough in their UPS)

    5. risks arinsing from increasing interference by the unscrupulous in the mechanics of daily life through the application of techniques such as big data, deep data mining, hacking and subliminal advertising applied to social media, on line shopping and banking ….(Is the strange outcome of the US elections a case in point)

    6. the certainty that many of us (including HM Treasury) are so indebted that “books are never going to be balanced” (national debt is currently £1.7ish trillion)

    7. an accelerating decline in the efficacy of anti-biotics

    8. risks arising from a cabinet and house of commons dominated by people who:
    8.1. studied PPE or classics at Oxbrige fitting them to be adroit politicians but lousy real world problem solvers
    8.2. owe their position to inherited wealth or wealth generated by gambling with our money (aka bankers)
    8.3. live isolated lives in the shires (hence fox-hunting) and have never had a proper job (is metals trading a proper job?)
    8.4. have little or no empathy with the daily grind experienced by most people
    8.5. have no trade skill
    8.6 have never worked in engineering, project management, or any scientific or technical role (hence are lousy at predicting procurement timescales, budgets and appointing contractors).
    As a result, we “the general public of hard working families” become increasingly disillusioned and irrational. (eg., we might blame something called “EU” for stealing our NHS money and for sending us thousands of scroungers to live off our benefits and take our best jobs.)

    9. the risk that our government continues to ignore the evidence to the contary and carries on believing that:
    9.1. this time they have found the best way to organise and manage our public services. In doing so they ignore the fact that it is teachers, carers, nurses. policemen that actually make the difference when it comes to the delivery of public services and not their managers, or city mayors or police comissionmers or CCGs.
    9.2. we can continue to cut budgets and taxation and at the same time improve productivity and service delivery and increase pensions
    9.3. that nuclear deterrents can be deployed in our defence without the consequential catastrophic risk of poisoning the whole planet for ever or at least initiating another mass extinction
    9.4. that we human beings can continue to abuse the environment in which we live by species destruction, deforestation, mineral extraction, farming by noxious chemical, population growth and so on
    9.5. that watering down “regulations” will result in a leap in national productivity
    9.6. that celebrity or being bloody minded will translate into competent leadership.
    For those few I haven’t already switched off….
    I acknowledge that there is little anyone (including MPs) can do to stop many of these risks from maturing. We could however acknowledge that these and many other risks are real and try to offset some of their effects.
    Or it may be better for our continuing sanilty if we follow Howard’s way above and treat the whole thing as a joke (providing our tribe/team/contestant wins).

  7. Joseph Baxter says:

    I would like to put it on record that Labour Party and Liberal Democrat signs and posters have also been damaged by vandals.

    I was also on the high street on Saturday and saw no such confrontation between the more united stall and Momentum, so I am dubious about Anna’s recollection of events.

    Yet again Anna is engaging in gutter politics, something I expect my representative in parliament not to do whatever party they are from.

  8. Peter Yeandle says:

    I find Anna’s scaremongering tactics offensive. Her descriptions of Labour supporters are really quite hilarious. I was in town on Saturday and didn’t see any intimidation or harassment. Given Anna has avoided every previous opportunity to meet constituents (every hustings invitation ignored, so I’m told) I am not surprised that people wanted to engage in polite conversation and ask her questions on Saturday. Obviously not every question was to her liking. A retired teacher wondering about if Anna would defend local schools against the Tory funding formula? Accused of harassment. Someone wondering about Anna’s views on tuition fees? Accused of hectoring. A local journalist intrigued about why Anna didn’t keep true to her word to move to the constituency? Anna subjected him to hurtful personal insults (evidence of this is very easy to find on the web). There are more examples.

    I’m afraid Anna has been almost entirely absent in this election campaign. She has had every opportunity to meet constituents but hasn’t deemed us worthy of her time. I find this a huge shame: I genuinely wanted to hear Anna’s opinion since I know her from television to be strong-willed person with considerable presence. I also want to see more women involved in politics. Yet: Anna waits until a few days before the election and comes out with some genuinely misleading and bizarre statements. Perhaps she has been motivated to write this silly stuff because the polls are closing in and she can no longer take Broxtowe constituents for granted?

  9. Steve Barber says:

    Some of us remember two of Anna Soubry’s pledges in 2010:

    To move into the constituency, her nomination papers this time came from an address in Charnwood.

    Not to employ Councillors. She immediately got a Councillor working in her office.

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