Public Consultation into Stapleford Post Office

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9 Responses to Public Consultation into Stapleford Post Office

  1. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    When the Post Office announced a proposal to move into Bargain Booze on Derby Road,Stapleford it was met with much criticism locally and eventually the Manager of Bargain Booze pulled out of the process and the Stapleford Post Office remained on Church Street,Stapleford. 

    Since then I habe spoken with many of the businesses on the Stapleford High Street and it was Sean’s Shop who made the decision to apply to become the new Stapleford Post Office, this is something I 100% support and went as far as supplying a character reference for Sharon, the owner of Sean’s Shop and have spoken to the Officers at the Post Office giving my full backing and full support of this proposal. 

    I now hope that others both residents and Councillors will support this proposal by taking a few minutes to reply to the Public Consultation. I have also requested it to be an Agenda item on the next Stapleford Town Council meeting so we can discuss this proposal too. 

    Sean’s Shop is in the centre of Staplefords great High Street and has easy access, with parking outside and several Car Parks near by it’s a great location for both residents and other businesses who use the many services the Post Office has to offer. 

    Councillor Richard MacRae

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Just a couple of questions about the move. 1) Why is the Post Office wanting to move the Counter? 2) What happens to the existing sub post master(s), are they retiring, selling the shop or just having their livelihood destroyed due yet again to Conservative policies?

      • Donna MacRae says:

        This link contains some information on one of the present Post Masters.

        The sooner they are gone and the sooner the Post Office moves the better. It’s one of the dirtiest shops in Stapleford with the rudest of staff. Again the sooner it moves the better. Of course that’s my own opinion.

      • Barry Morrison says:

        As I understand it the present sub post master(mistress) owns the pub business across the road (The Roach, or The Rock) as it’s now known so I don’t suppose she’ll suffer much. Of course, that does’nt make it any easier for other staff she may employ.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        And my two questions remain unanswered other than the lady who owns the shop also runs a pub, and Donna doesn’t like her.

      • Donna MacRae says:

        1) You would have to ask the Post Office but it does seem the way they are going, moving from a complete shop to a counter service in an already existing business, the have done the same in Sandiacre and done the same at Montrose Court in Stapleford. They did the same in Beeston too.

        2) No idea what is happening to the existing sub post master. The couple who are at present (badly) running the Stapleford Post Office are involved in the pub across the road which was The Chequers. The current Post Office is owned by someone else and it would be up to him if he wishes to sell it, convert it to a residential property or anything else.

  2. Fred R says:

    There was a “consultation” about the Beeston PO moving to WH Smugs, which made naff-all difference. It went there anyway, with a reduced staff and counter service and consequent long queues (no, providing machines does not compensate for the loss of humans). The staff were pretty hacked off, visibly so, and I don’t blame them. It’s hard not to see this as a cosmetic PR exercise for a decision already made by the Suits. Evidence against this hypothesis would be instances where “consultations” have resulted in the move being shelved – anyone know of any such instances?

    • Donna MacRae says:

      You mean like this.

      Bargain Booze then pulled out as they was not happy with the way The Post Office wanted to move the shop around inside and site the Post Office Counter.

      My Husband (Councillor Richard MacRae) then visited every shop on the High Street and offered to help any of them apply to take on the Post Office Counter. Only three businesses were interested. One closed down and one never completed the application forms and followed it through. Leaving Sean’s Shop in the running. Richard has been a friend of Sharon from Seans Shop for many years and has enjoyed helping them through the process and even supplied a character reference for the application. Sharon has worked very hard to get this far and hopefully the community will support this proposal and we can have a great Post Office on the High Street which benefits all.

    • RichHartman says:

      I recall the move of Beeston PO to WHS formed the subject of yet another failed Soubry ‘campaign’ to stop the move.. The PO staff all took redundancy. and the “PO” just ain’t the same. And the PO stupidly left the postboxes outside the vacated PO.

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