Sherwin Island, Bramcote

Councillor Martin Plackett says the island is looking more colourful. Next maintenance of the island by Broxtowe Borough Council scheduled for Friday 9th June.

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4 Responses to Sherwin Island, Bramcote

  1. Gill Watts says:

    My daughter says he needs to learn what colourful is, and a mass of blackberry flowers would be more colourful and provide a home for birds.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Which is just how it used to be, along with trees, flowering shrubs and bushes, long grass and lots of wildlife. Time for local people to take a hand I think.

  2. Cliff H says:

    I always thought it was beautiful just the way it was, an oasis of nature marooned in a sea of tarmac. Pity that people can’t just leave the things that we love alone.
    Field farm next.

  3. Carol Ward says:

    I agree with your daughter, it reminds me of an area that is recovering from being burnt. It would look more tidier if it was grassed over.

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