Councillor Greg Marshall gives his reply to the letter from the Conservatives

Mud slinging is Anna Soubrys favourite game, but I prefer to deal in facts. 

  • FACT – Broxtowe Women’s Project applied to the council for £6,000 grant aid in July 2016
  • FACT – Conservatives on the council proposed to reduce that grant to £4,800 with no guarantee that the remaining £1,200 would be secured
  • FACT – Labour and LibDem Councillors spoke out and voted against the reduction in grant, aiming to secure the full £6,000 that was so vitally needed
  • FACT – I would never vote to cut domestic violence support services in Broxtowe
  • FACT – Funding for the Domestic Violence Support Officer post is no longer in the budget at Broxtowe Borough Council under the Tories

Only after intense pressure and soul searching from some clearly embarrassed Tory Councillors was the remaining £1,200 granted to Broxtowe Women’s Project 6 months later.

And the Tories claim that tackling domestic violence is one of their priorities. Give me a break.

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4 Responses to Councillor Greg Marshall gives his reply to the letter from the Conservatives

  1. stevejcarr says:

    I like to be fair. What Cllr Marshall says is accurate.

    I also voted against this. NOT because I don’t agree with funding the project as Cllr Jackson’s letter implies but because of the perceived cut in the grant. I made the money up to the Project from my County Council budget. I was not prepared to see this vital service put at risk.

    I shall be glad when silly season is over!

  2. stevejcarr says:

    I posted a reply to this


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  3. Howard Shakespeare says:

    A vote for Greg Marshall is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn.
    Corbyn is a Marxist, not a Social Democrat.
    Corbyn’s Marxist-Labour party is as far to the left as the BNP is to the right.
    Does anybody really want to see a political extremist in government?

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      In answer to your question Howard quite a lot of people from left and right want to see “political extremists” in government. sometimes it’s the only way to get things done.

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