Letter to Greg Marshall from Anna Soubry’s Election Agent requesting an inaccurate leaflet be withdrawn.

I enclose a copy of a letter sent from my election agent and Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Richard Jackson, to Labour’s candidate in Broxtowe, Greg Marshall and his agent David Jenkins. It is self explanatory.  

Richard is calling on Mr Marshall to withdraw the leaflet he began delivering yesterday in Stapleford given it is wholly inaccurate, making false allegations against Conservatives on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Indeed and somewhat bizarrely, Mr Marshall voted against the granting of money to the Broxtowe Women’s Project as Richard details in the letter.   Anna

Click here to read the Letter to Cllr Greg Marshall

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6 Responses to Letter to Greg Marshall from Anna Soubry’s Election Agent requesting an inaccurate leaflet be withdrawn.

  1. Ian Blakeley says:

    Not having seen the leaflet is there any chance of it being published on here so that I can make up my own mind?

  2. Pete Radcliff says:

    Factually untrue! The recorded vote that is referred to is the one to REDUCE the funding from £6,000 to £4,200. Greg rightly voted against that reduction and asked that his opposition, to the £1,200 stopped by the Tory council, be recorded.
    And how can any Tory, like Anna Soubry, pretend to be against cuts to the support of women facing domestic violence. Or any cuts in support of either the frail and elderly or the young and needy?
    That frankly is laughable after the Tory government’s cutting of grants to the local authorities that organised and facilitated that work. The Tories are decimating our services, many times over.

  3. Joan Wade says:

    Talking about inaccuracies, can I ask if Mr Jackson proof read his letter before sending it? Was it really written on the 14th May?

  4. I think Anna Soubry should be ashamed of herself. Anna hasn’t engaged with her local constituents and has ignored us. I prefer Greg Marshalls approach to engaging with constituents and I don’t like Anna’s nitpicking attitude. I hope Jeremy Corbyn wins at the next election we can remove Anna and all the other buffoons from parliament.

    • Well she has engaged with folks on Moor Lane this evening. We raised renewable energy and the need to improve public procurement processes with her.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      You’re right Adam..Then replace with with a lot more buffoons..Can’t win, can we?

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