An objection to the proposed Pension Policy

One of our readers, Cal O’Callaghan writes:

Now that the Conservative Government has assured us that the pensions of the elderly are as secure as they were with Maxwell, Brown, Green, et al, there is no reasonable argument against voting with our wallets for any party which is committed to protecting our income.

After all, the elderly are variously described as a problem, a crisis, bed-blockers, even having the effrontery not only to live so long, but also to continue to occupy the homes for which they have sacrificed much in order to own.

To this we can now add that they must subsidise the obscene Foreign Aid Budget, allegedly destined for Swiss bank accounts and the coffers of deserving foreign politicians.

These impoverished individuals, as far as I am aware, did not have their wages raided in the guise of National Insurance throughout their working lives, allegedly in order to qualify for a pension, after enforced retirement at the age of sixty-five.

Can anyone recall the last occasion when the Expenses, Allowances and Sundry Freebies across the whole spectrum of political life were reduced – for example, the alleged practice of collecting a handful of money merely for dropping in to show a face?

Will these be means-tested?

The excuse is that the cost of Pensions will grow to a high level if the elderly continue to receive their rightful payments.

Does anybody know how this compares with the level of the said Foreign Aid Budget?

Where is the logic of throwing billions of pounds around the world like confetti, when successive governments have amassed an enormous deficit?

The Government claims to wish to represent all sections of the community.

Clearly, the elderly are not included in this policy.

Guess where my vote is going.

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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2 Responses to An objection to the proposed Pension Policy

  1. RichHartman says:

    Well said.

  2. Pat Ratcliffe says:

    I know where my vote is going, too, Cal.
    This is a classic Kilroy moment – to SHARE or to SHAFT.
    Share our resources fairly with Labour or be shafted by the Tories.

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