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Anna Soubry writes:My grandmother was matron of Hazel Hill care home in Bestwood. A few years after she retired, she passed away in her sleep in our home just outside Worksop. My grandma Soubry had trained as a nurse and came to Nottingham after my parents married; she worked for many years in the public sector. Sadly, she didn’t live much beyond 65.

Today, we are all living longer and enjoying a considerably better standard of living than my grand parents. But the longevity the vast majority of us will enjoy, does not come without a cost. Far more of us will spend our final days in residential care homes and for considerably longer than the men and women my grandma cared for.

How we fund a system that provides excellent care for everyone in their final years is one politicians have grappled with for decades. With the creation of the NHS, health care became free at the point of delivery. Social care was to be provided by local Councils and there was no entitlement for it to be free. For decades people with conditions like dementia have had to pay for residential care and if they can’t pay, then Notts County Council pays the bill. Around 40% of people in residential care had to sell their homes and spend their savings (often hard worked for) on residential care home fees.

The current system is not fair. If you have cancer your treatment is free under the NHS but a dementia sufferer is means tested and if they have assets of more than £23,000, they must pay for their care. Many people think it isn’t fair that those who have scrimped and scraped to pay off their mortgage and save money to pass on to their children or grandchildren, have to pay for residential social care whilst those with no assets receive it for free.

No political party says we should abolish the distinction between health and social care in the elderly, because they know the cost is so huge, we simply can not afford it.

The Coalition Government of 2010-2015 changed the system so that homes belonging to someone who needs residential care don’t have to be sold until after their death. In our manifesto the Conservatives have promised that if elected on June 8, we will raise the current £23,000 limit to£100,000. However, the plan is to charge people receiving social care at home – again it will be free if you have assets under £100,000.

The Conservative proposals for social care mean that a person in residential care, with a condition like dementia, will pay less for their care. It means savings and assets will be better protected enabling more to be passed on.

Responsible political parties accept the reality of the challenge and offer sustainable and honest solutions. The Conservative Party’s plans are not perfect but they are a step in the right direction.

There are other policy matters I want to comment on, some non election news and more great local events for your diary.

As ever,


A very special Broxtowe Mayor making

I was delighted to attend Wednesday’s Mayor making. A fond farewell was bid to outgoing Mayor Councillor Graham Harvey who has raised over £9,000 for Prostate Cancer UK and attended 333 events. Councillor Halimah Khaled MBE was then installed as our new Mayor. Halimah is a Toton and Chilwell Meadows Councillor who was awarded an MBE for her charity and community relations work. In her first speech Halimah promised to advance tolerance and social cohesion throughout Broxtowe during her term of office. I am sure you will join me in wishing her well and support her work.

School meals – facts not fiction!

The Conservative Party manifesto has promised to give all children under 11 free breakfasts. There will be no changes for children from the poorest of families who are entitled to free school dinners – they will now get a free breakfast as well as lunch.

The previous Coalition Government introduced free lunches for all 5-7 year olds. This will be phased out saving about half a billion pounds and that money will be re-directed to school budgets easing the burden of rising costs on many of our schools. It’s also worth remembering that our schools get the ‘pupil premium’ (extra money) for every child who receives free school lunches.

There is considerable evidence that making sure every child has breakfast improves their ability to learn and study.

Fox Hunting – I won’t vote to bring it back

Theresa May has said the new Parliament will have a vote on whether to change the current Hunting Act and allow the return of fox hunting. Any vote would be a ‘free vote’.

If elected as your MP I will not vote to change the current laws. I have changed my mind on this subject.

“Our Charlotte”

Many constituents will know Charlotte Hallam who worked in the constituency office. Charlotte has moved on to another job after 5 years. Charlotte joined my team as an apprentice – her status soon changed as she proved to be talented and hard working. We will miss Charlotte and wish her well in her new career.


A Labour MP gave me some advice about hustings and her approach to them after the 2010 General Election. In short she was of the firm view you meet far more voters knocking on doors than at a hustings. The reality she argued, is that few people attended hustings who have not decided how they will vote. I was not convinced and in 2015 I did some hustings. I came to the conclusion my Labour colleague is right and so I will be knocking on doors and continuing to speak to voters out and about in the constituency, rather than at hustings.

If you would like to discuss any matter or issue you with me please email me.

In the meantime I am waiting for an apology from one group that organised some hustings (and then invited me to go) who quite wrongly told the audience they had had no contact with me. I recall a lengthy and pleasant conversation with the organiser explaining why I couldn’t come along …….

Greasley Gathering – Bank Holiday Monday May 29

This is a great annual event at the Sports and Community Centre on Dovecote Road, Greasley.

It starts at 10 am and finishes at 3 pm.

<< read more here >>

ABC Arts Trail – June 3rd and 4th

Artists in Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell throw open their studio doors. Enjoy this two day experience.

<< more here with links to the detailed trail>>

Hemlock Happening – Saturday June 10

Another great community event. It starts at 1pm and finishes at 10 on Bramcote Hills Park. Entry is free of charge and there’s a day-long programme of performances by local schools and other groups. Stalls, games, food, activities and much more.

Beeston and Chilwell Garden Trail Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 June

This hugely popular event celebrates its’ 20th year. As well as gorgeous gardens there are plant sales, refreshments and entertainments. Begins at 1 and ends at 5.

<< more details here >>

Cossall Open Gardens – Sunday June 11

Begins at 1 and ends at 5. Enjoy a leisurely stroll to admire lovely village gardens and stop off for fab cakes and cream teas in the Old School Room. Many gardens offer plants for sale.

The Kimberley Jam – Saturday June 17

Fast gaining in popularity a variety of bands and groups play in Kimberley’s many excellent pubs and bars. It’s all in aid of the Ryan Lee Trust. << More details on their Facebook page >>

Other dates for your diary

Thursday 25th May – Monday 29th May
White Lion Beer Festival
Where: The White Lion, 47-49 Town Street, Bramcote Village, Nottingham
What’s on: Over 20 different beers and ciders, with live music on Saturday and Sunday. For further details please contact the White Lion on 0115 925 7841

Saturday 10th June
St Barnabas 60th Jubilee Garden Party
2pm – 4pm
Where: St Barnabas Church Inham Nook
What’s on: Local star (and pal) Colin Slater MBE is opening the party. Stalls, games, cream teas, fire engine, bouncy castle. All proceeds go to Beeston Memory Café and Sunnyside Spencer Academy. For further details please call 07752 278987

Sunday 11th June
Nottingham Orthopaedic Walk
Where: Highfields Park and Boating Lake near Beeston
What’s on: The walk costs £10 for adults and is free for under 16’s, and it’s completely free to come along and enjoy the stalls and activities. For further details please call 0115 9627905

Saturday 17th June
The Great Get Together Big Picnic on the Park
2.30pm – 6pm
Where: Dovecote Lane Park, Beeston
What’s on: Face painters, live music, magicians and jugglers, Zumba, ice creams, burgers and more.

Saturday 1st July
Broxtowe Community Celebration Group Summer Event
11am – 4pm
Where: Roundhill Primary School, Beeston, NG9 1AE
What’s on: Free event for all ages with activities, workshops, performances and food tasting from around the world. For further details please call Harioko 07749226274

Get involved in my re-election campaign!

Please call 07749 959195 or email if you would like a poster, help deliver some leaflets or join us canvassing. I have a great team from all over the constituency so I hope you will join us.


Contact me
63 High Road,
Barton House,

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12 Responses to News from Anna Soubry

  1. Steve Carr says:

    I have cancelled my subscription to More United

  2. Pat Ratcliffe says:

    Ms Soubry is completely correct: “The Conservative Party’s plans (on social care) are not perfect”.
    “Responsible political parties accept the reality of the challenge and offer sustainable and honest solutions”. The only responsible political party offering an honest solution on social care, as I see it, is the LABOUR Party, where, recognising the enormity of the problem, they have correctly indicated that the solution should be discussed and found on a cross party basis.
    There is an uncosted, take it or leave it attitude from the Conservatives, which would have aroused howls of derision had Labour done the same.

  3. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Fox hunting never ceased. The legislation passed by the Blair government, was weak and never enforced.
    There are millions of foxes in the country, but very few hunts. They rarely catch a fox anyway.
    Hunting has nothing to do with fox control, as it is so inefficient and ineffective.
    Frankly, the whole debate on fox hunting is much ado about nothing. There are far bigger and more important matters facing the next Parliament.
    Let us ensure that Theresa May is given a huge popular vote, as well as a big majority in Westminster. This will massively strengthen her hand, when dealing with the likes of Merkel and Juncker.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Howard Shakespeare – I wonder if you are able to see the contradiction in your comment. It was Theresa May who made fox hunting a central issue in this election. Tactically this was a very odd thing to do. It is highly likely that those who see the return of foxing hunting as being important would have been predisposed to vote for her party without Ms May’s expressed support for fox hunting. I doubt whether she has picked up huge support in Bramcote by highlighting the issue. Then this week we have seen this extraordinary confusion and meltdown regarding the Conservative Party manifesto. As a nation can we really afford to have the Brexit negotiations led by someone who lacks a tactical approach and is weak and wobbly even if she will have Boris Johnson supporting her in the negotiations.

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        Ms Wade, do you really think that Corbyn, Abbott and Co are capable of negotiating Brexit with the likes of Merkel?
        Corbyn belongs in a Boris Pasternak novel, not 21st century politics.
        As for Abbott, she can’t even cope with basic mathematics.
        Angela Merkel would make sauerkraut of them.

    • RichHartman says:

      Howard – who will massively strengthen our hand when dealing with the likes of May?

      The fox hunting issue is a paltry sideshow compared to what Theresa May has promised to do in terms of reducing old age pensions whilst giving OUR taxes to incompetent and unaccountable foreign governments, misleadingly calling it ‘foreign aid.

      Corbyn is no prime minister but he won’t be party leader for much longer; meanwhile, Mother Theresa has surely sounded her own political death knell with her pensions faux-pas and (alleged) U-turn.

  4. Joan Wade says:

    Howard – You have responded to my points with insults regarding Diana Abbot. It might help you to know that Diane Abbot is in fact the shadow Home Secretary. The Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union is someone called Keir Starmer who is a well respected lawyer and QC. Theresa May has held the post of Home Secretary and there is an account of her record as Home Secretary to be fond in the Daily Telegraph at

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      Ms Wade. Labour keep stating that Keir Starmer will be negotiating Brexit, not Jeremy Corbyn. They are aware that Corbyn isn’t up to the job. Let’s be frank, he never backed his own party whilst a back bencher. I understand that it was in excess of 200 times he voted against his leader. Once he became leader, members of his shadow cabinet kept resigning. There has never been such a disastrous and inept leader of a mainstream political party.
      Corbyn is an extremist. He is far closer to Karl Marx than Tony Blair or Harold Wilson.
      On June 9th Labour will descent into a civil war. The moderate Social Democrats against Corbyn’s Trotskyists and Marxists. It looks like Labour will split yet again.

      • Joan Wade says:

        I see Howard that George Osborne, a one time leading light in the Conservative Party has attacked Theresa May over a lack of competence. It is not looking good is it? All these talk about extremists also appears to be angering the electorate.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Howard, on 9th June Labour will probably move into Downing Street. No doubt Mrs May will be loudly, and violently attacked by her own party. The only thing that worries me about the result is that neither Labour nor the Tories will not have a decent enough majority to stand alone and that they may have to enter into an un-holy alliance with Nice but Dim and the Greens. Then we will be truly stuffed over our exit from the EU.

  5. Mike_H says:

    Anna Soubry thinks door-step contact is it a good way to collect voter feedback,. .independently…
    My brother-in-law suggested that it would be “a good thing” if forgetful old persons such as we drew up in advance a list of questions to pose to any passing canvasser. This, in the unlikely event that (a) one would call and (b) would be interested in what we had to say.
    Seemed like a good idea to me; so to get you underway here is mine (not necessarily in order of importance).
    • By how much will the three most cost effective benefits of Brexit reduce the national debt?
    • What is your party going to do to
    a. manage the effect of climate change on coastal erosion?
    b. manage the risks posed by the increasing use of automation, AI and deep data mining?
    c. ensure that my grandchildren will be able to hear a cuckoo and see a swallow and a thrush?
    • Identify the part(s) of the world where detonating a nuclear weapon will not:
    a. render it uninhabitable for millions of years
    b. result the spread of wind born radio-activity around the planet.
    • What steps will your party take to ensure that the current book shortage at my Grandson’s comprehensive school is eliminated.
    • What answer should the CEO of a local company have given when asked how Brexit would affect the supply of his products to his German distributors. (A question that was asked last week).
    • Quantify the benefit to me of deploying geriatric services “in the community” and the likely associated closure of the Rehab Unit at Nottingham’s City Hospital
    …I could ask a few more but I expect the canvasser has gone by now…

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      “Anna Soubry thinks door-step contact is it a good way to collect voter feedback”. It seems to me that Stapleford doesn’t figure very highly in any of the parties plans as I’ve not seen anybody knocking on doors. Maybe Mike H has scared them off. (;-D

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