Crime Updates

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes: A crime update for you:-

Shed/Garage Breaks:-
11/12/05/2017 – Russley Road, Bramcote
11/05/2017 – Sherwin Road, Stapleford
11/05/2017 – Rufford Avenue, Bramcote– attempt break
11/05/2017 – Russley Road, Bramcote – Garage broken into, items stolen and a Raleigh cycle
11/05/2017 – Great Hoggett Drive, Chilwell – items stolen from garden and outside store
12/05/2017 – Dennis Avenue, Beeston – cycle stolen
12/05/2017 – Derby Road, Bramcote – 3 cycles stolen, red Pinnacle cycle, grey Voodoo Masara, blue Sirrus cycle
12/05/2017 – Baskin Lane, Chlwell
13/05/2017 – Windsor Street, Stapleford – Garage broken into
14/05/2017 – Trevone Avenue, Stapleford – Garage broken into
Can we remind residents to keep garage and shed doors locked where possible.

Pushbike/Motorcycle/Vehicle Thefts:-
11/05/2017 – Beeston Town Centre – Theft of a black and grey Yamaha MT125 motorcyle
11/05/2017 – Villa Street, Beeston – Theft of a bright blue Mongoose
14/05/2017 – Meadow Road, Beeston – Theft of vehicle from driveway
12/05/2017 – Foster Avenue, Beeston – locked black Carrera cycle stolen
13/05/2017 – Heathfield Grove, Chilwell – House burglary
10/05/2017 – County Close, Beeston Rylands – theft from motor vehicle
11/05/2017 – Valmont Road, Bramcote – Reg plates stolen from a vehicle.
12/05/2017 – Beeston Town Centre – theft of a purse from a shopping trolley.

Beeston Police Station Neighbourhood Policing Team
Broxtowe South Cluster

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