Crime Alert

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes: Crime updates from the last few days on Broxtowe South:-

Shed/Garage Breaks:-

16-17/05/2017 – Farm Road, Chilwell – attempt
16-17/052017 – Farm Road, Chilwell – Shed broken into – 2 cyles stolen, ywllow Voodoo cycle and black Cannondale Bad Boy cycle.
18/05/2017 – Grove Avenue, Beeston – Garage broken into and tools taken.

Vehicle Crime:-

15-16/052017 – Longleat Crescent, Chilwell -van broken into and tools stolen from within.
16/05/2017 – Blandford Road, Chilwell – vehicle entered and searched.
15-16/05/2017 – Johnson Way, Chilwell – damage to vehicle.
15-16-2017 – Holkam Avenue, Chilwell – vehicle broken into and tools stolen from within.

Cycle Theft:-

16/05/2017 – Beeston Railway Station – purple and silver oversized mans cycle stolen.


16- 17/05/2017 – Central Avenue, Stapleford.

Please ensure sheds/garages are securely locked at all times.

Please remove items from your vehicles/cars where possible.

Beeston Neighbourhood Policing Team
Broxtowe South Cluster.

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One Response to Crime Alert

  1. Stuart Price says:

    Can I ask if anything is being done about the illegal intrusion of travellers onto Cator Lane Park? Not only have they broken into/onto the park, but they have set-up a temporary home/dwelling on there and have been driving their range of vehicles around the park, which surely must be dangerous, as well as ruining the ground and the environment. This is quite unacceptable.

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