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Hello again,  One of the best things about a General Election is being in Broxtowe full-time and getting out and about. The reception on the doorstep has been incredible and a particularly warm welcome to new recipients of this email newsletter. My team and I are out every day (and early evening!) though the down pour in Chilwell this evening meant an early end to today’s efforts. I am picking up case work whilst campaigning and my office team and I continue to work for all constituents.    Please keep in touch and enjoy the weekend.   As ever,  Anna

Let’s fix our roads and pavements!   Nottinghamshire County Council is being run by the Conservatives following last week’s elections. The new administration has promised a £1 million pothole fund and if re-elected as our MP I will ensure Broxtowe gets its fair share. As your MP I probably receive more complaints about the poor state of our roads and pavements, issues over double yellow lines and dropped kerbs than any other matter. Given there is a new administration, I want to establish a better way of making sure we get action not excuses to improve our roads and pavements.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates in last week’s County Council Elections. The Conservatives in Broxtowe did particularly well winning an extra three seats. Eastwood is not in the parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe but is within the Borough of Broxtowe. In a sensational result, the Conservative candidate Tony Harper, won – and won well. As someone who is proud to have been brought up in a similar pit town (I was raised in Worksop) I was particularly pleased to see a Conservative win in Eastwood.  Tony is now standing for Parliament in Ashfield.  

Assarts Farm GP surgery concerns   A number of constituents have complained about the lack of services at the Assarts Farm Medical Centre in Nuthall for some time and I have already contacted Nottingham City CCG. Following the retirement of Dr Khalique many months ago, the Nuthall surgery has not had enough GP’s. I was canvassing in Nuthall on Tuesday and noted the surgery closed in the afternoon. Whilst in the area a number of residents complained about the situation and I explained I was already ‘on the case’. I will keep you updated.

The Lanes – schools merger in final stages    College House Primary and Meadow Lane Infants School in Chilwell, are in the final stages of merging . A new school called The Lanes Primary will open in September. Notts County Council have formally published the details of the new school which has widespread support.   << Read more here >>

The Great Get Together  – Saturday June 17    Plans for Beeston’s Great Together to celebrate the values of Jo Cox MP who was murdered almost a year ago, are going well. Dovecote Lane Park is booked along with all manner of entertainment. I am delighted Broxtowe Borough Council is now working well with the organiser, Ginny Hartman. I know Ginny is hugely grateful for the masses of support she has had from entertainers and local businesses. The Great Get Together is from 2.30 til 6pm on Saturday June 17. More info in my next email newsletter.

Lion’s Walk for the Memory Cafe – Saturday May 20   Hemlockstone Lions Club is holding a Friendship Walk on Saturday May 20th at the Attenborough Nature Reserve, in aid of the Beeston Memory Cafe. Registration for the 3km/1.9mile walk is at 9.30am – the walk starts at 10 am.

Two elections in Toton and Chilwell Meadows on June 8th      Residents in Toton and Chilwell Meadows have two elections on Thursday June 8th. Broxtowe Borough Councillor Mia Kee has stepped down as she has a new demanding job as well as a young family to care for. Lee Fletcher is the Conservative candidate.

Lee is a former Lib Dem and in the past few months has become a good friend. I have no doubt he will be a dedicated and hard working Borough Councillor for Toton and Chilwell Meadows.

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2 Responses to News from Anna Soubry MP

  1. Steve Carr. says:

    I can confirm that Lee Fletcher has never been a member of Broxtowe LibDems.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      Anna did’nt say he was a member..She just said former Lib Dem..that can mean anything

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