Brookhill Street Stapleford Update

Donna MacRae writes: It has been a while since the public meeting took place with regards Brookhill Street so Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae had asked Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Department for an update, you can find this below.

Dear Mr MacRae,

The Highways Authority is aware of local concerns with regards to traffic using Brookhill Street. We recently received a petition from local residents and examined it very carefully in conjunction with our Crash Reduction Team to see if any current action was required on the road. In respect of the speed of traffic using the road, a survey that was commissioned following a public meeting last year. The speed measurement used in our surveys is known as the 8th percentile and can best be explained as the speed at which 85 in every hundred vehicles travel at or below. This benchmark value is often perceived as being used to ignore the 15% of higher speed vehicles and I would like to stress that this is not the case. The 85th%ile value is commonly used nationally as a useful comparative speed and gives a far better picture (and indeed higher value) of what is happening in vehicle speed terms than, say, average speeds. Traffic speeds were within the 30mph speed limit at 28mph.

More recently the Authority has erected ‘Its 30 for a reason signage’ and on the top end of the road (between Lime Grove and Toton Lane) a school 20mph zone has been implemented with two flashing school patrol signs (in addition to the existing two signs) and also the school 20mph zone signage (plan attached).

The Highways Authority takes safety on the County’s roads very seriously and we continually strive to use our limited funding to the best of our ability to improve the County road network. Obviously we receive many requests for traffic calming features and with limited funding availability for highway schemes, any funding has to be prioritised to deal with injury accident reduction. I can confirm that in the last 3 years there has been one reported injury accident of a slight nature (as opposed to serious or fatal) and therefore there is not a recognised injury accident problem on this road. Central Government have charged us with reducing accidents involving death and serious injury and this is where we target our resources. I can understand that quoting accident statistics in this manner can often attract criticism along the lines of having to await the occurrence of accidents prior to measures being considered. It does however ensure that our finite resources are used as effectively as possible in road i jury accident reduction terms. For this reason I am afraid that we would not be able to consider a traffic calming scheme for this road.

On the basis of the above, I am sorry to advise that no further action is proposed at this time.

Kind regards,


Laura Trusler
Senior Highways Liaison Officer
Via East Midlands Ltd

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