Crime Alert

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes:

Good Afternoon Residents,

Just a general Crime update from over the last few days on Broxtowe South:-

Stornoway Close, Beeston Rylands – Garage door tampered with.
Ashfield Avenue, Beeston Rylands – vehicle broken into overnight.
Elswick Drive, Beeston Rylands – Vehicle broken into and tools stolen,
Elswick Drive, Beeston Rylands – Vehicle broken into and tools stolen,
Shirley Court, Toton – Number plates stolen.
High Road Toton – Vehicle broken into but nothing stolen on this occasion.
Clarehaven, Stapleford – Vehicle broken into and items stolen from within.

Thoresby Road, Bramcote
Mountbatten Way, Chilwell
Burrows Avenue, Beeston
Peatfield Road, Stapleford
Perth Road, Stapleford

If you have an alarm in your home, please use it. Ensure your windows and doors are locked around your home. Remove all valuable items from vehicles.

We have had a couple of incidents of persons asking people for change and when they open their purse the money has been snatched away from them. Please be alert. Try not to offer change to anyone.

We have recently arrested and charged a bike thief. Bike thefts do continue so we ask that you still remain vigilant and use a D locks where possible to secure any cycles you may have.

Finally if you or you know someone who wants to join Notts Police we are currently recruiting for Police Officers. Recruitment closes on Friday 26th May 2017.

Best wishes

Paula, Craig, Andy, Dean, Steph, AndyW, Simon, Hannah and Sarah
Broxtowe South Neighbourhood Policing Team

Source: Broxtowe Community Email.

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One Response to Crime Alert

  1. JudyS says:

    Very interesting. No mention of all the many,many,many bikes, some very expensive with several locks on them, that have been stolen in Beeston from Tesco’s car park, Pure Gym, the railway station and various other places over the last few months and up to and including this week including people’s back yards and gardens. No mention of the yobs that cycle around openly flaunting a pair of bolt cutters.
    It goes on to say they have arrested a bike thief so there must be more than one as its still happening this week.
    Some of us wrote to Anna Soubry and Paddy Tipping, he gave the response they were giving away locks, what good is that? Its police on the streets that is required. And CCTV installed.
    This was not so prolific when we had our own PCSO’s in Beeston.

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