Doddy and Longdon Elected for Stapleford and Broxtowe Central

John Doddy, Conservative, and John Longdon, Conservative, have been elected as County Councillors for Stapleford and Broxtowe Central

Votes Cast:

John Doddy, Conservative, 2692

John Longdon, Conservative, 2179

John McGrath, Labour, 2034

Lisa Clarke, Labour, 1903

Richard MacRae, Independent, 1530

Jacky Williams, Liberal Democrat, 1147

Tim Hallam, Liberal Democrat, 1101

Nina Preston-Tait, UKIP, 286

Roy Stowell, UKIP, 216

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4 Responses to Doddy and Longdon Elected for Stapleford and Broxtowe Central

  1. Donna MacRae says:

    I am truly gutted for my husband Richard MacRae, although I know he will keep on doing what he does and he is so grateful for everyone who voted for him and the kind messages of support.

    He beat UKIP and the Liberal Democrats and was only just behind the Labour Party.

    I also know John Longdon will do absolutely nothing what so ever to represent the people he has been elected to represent for the next four years.

    It’s a sad day for the people of Stapleford and people I am talking to are very angry indeed and rightly so.

    Richard will just say “it is what it is” and carry on.

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    Why are people “very angry indeed and rightly so” Donna? Is it because more people voted for the 4 who polled more than Richard, well that’s democracy for you. Or do they think that somehow the vote was rigged, in that case surely that’s a matter for the police. I don’t know Richard, or you, but he has the right idea, there’s always next time. Incidentally I do think its a shame that Richard failed to get elected as I fully believe that local government is no place for national politics.

    • Donna MacRae says:

      Local people I have been speaking to are angry that John Longdon got elected as they know he will do nothing, he is a Stapleford Town and Borough Councillor who currently does nothing. Keep an eye on him the next 4 years and you will see I am right.

  3. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    I would like to thank the 1530 people who so kindly voted for me on Thursday. I am happy with my result as I don’t even know that many people. I will hopefully try again in 2021. Could be third time lucky.

    Of course I will continue to represent the good folk of Stapleford and help anyone else I can as well.

    Congratulations to the two who got elected and I hope we can all work together for the greater good of those who need our help and those we all represent on the different levels.

    Working together we can achieve so much more.

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