Local County Council Results

No overall majority on Nottinghamshire County Council.

Conservatives win control of Derbyshire County Council from Labour.

Conservatives retain control of Leicestershire County Council.

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13 Responses to Local County Council Results

  1. Joan Wade says:

    I see that the Liberal Democrats have gone from winning 8 seats in the 2013 election to now just having 1 seat (Bramcote) This does not look to be the surge that they were predicting.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      I was talking to a couple of usual Lib Dem voters who have decided not to vote Lib Dem this time as they are sick and tired of Tim Farron’s continual bellyaching about Brexit for the last ten months

  2. Barry Morrison says:

    And just to add to that these 2 guys voted remain in last years referendum but they realise that the people have spoken so let Theresa May get on with the job and get us the hell out of this undemocratic and corrupt organisation.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Barry – I don’t think any serious politician disputes that Britain is heading for very hard Brexit. There is simply no way that the Europeans will take back Article 50. It is also clear that the EU bureaucrats want the Brexit talks to fail. They want Britain to be made an example off to deter others from leaving. For them there could be nothing better that to have Teresa May, a self proclaimed difficult woman, walking out of the talks.

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    It’s not going to benefit either the UK or the EU to try to punish, bully or make an example of us regardless of what Jean-Claude Juncker says and my biggest problem with this is the likes of Blair, Clegg and Farron who seem to want the negotiations to fail. My take on this is that in a few years time when all the deals, negotiations, horse trading etc are completed there won’t be an awful lot of difference if all involved keep a sense of purpose and negotiate seriously. There’s too much at stake for us and the EU.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Barry – Good luck with that view Barry. I don’t recall once during the referendum debate Brexiteers or Remainers mentioning that the UK would be paying a Brexit bill. That bill is now reported to be at Euro 100 billion and rising and it looks as if this bill might be part of an ongoing charge (Source Financial Times 3/5/17 ) This is the amount you need to find before your talks even start. This is money the good people of Bramcote can ill afford.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        “This is money the good people of Bramcote can ill afford.” Don’t worry Joan, that’s going to be spread around the rest of the citizens of UK, not just Bramcote. More to the point, 100 billion Euros seems to have been mentioned by very few Brits, and slightly more EC clowns. As Barry says, trying to bully, punish or anything else is likely to rebound on the perpetrators with interest especially as, from what I can see, such actions are in contravention of EU law. As would be trying to have a go at UK by discriminating against Brits living within the EU. Against EU law and also would be subject to the European Court of Human Rights. You do know the difference I hope between the Court mentioned and the European Court of Justice which (at the moment) can overrule our Supreme Court.

  4. Joan Wade says:

    Ian – When the EU referendum was being debated there was much talk from UKIP and others as to how German car manufacturers and French wine growers etc would want to continue to trade with us. What this point failed to recognise was that these would not be the people we would be negotiating with. The negotiating arrangements – such as 100 billion delivered in cash up front before talks even start, all 27 countries having an absolute veto etc have been designed to help ensure that the talks do fail. Why you might ask – the answer is because the EU bureaucracy and at least some of the politicians want the talks to fail. They want to ensure that no other country goes down the route taken by the UK. They want the UK to elect in the words of our Prime Minister “a b***** difficult woman” so that the talks do fail. The problem is that some people in this country fail to see this and fail to understand what the consequences will be.

  5. Barry Morrison says:

    Quote. ”They want to ensure that no other country goes down the route taken by the UK” Unquote…Welcome to democracy EU style

    • Joan Wade says:

      Welcome to the real world Barry. Did you really think that if we voted to come out that EU officials would see our interests as their main concern? We need to stand on our own feet. For a decade or two life will be very tough indeed. After that we will either recognise that we can make a go of matters or we will be applying to rejoin on less favourable terms.

  6. Steve Carr says:

    And either way, we have let down the under 35s who will have to live with this ridiculous decision.

    I would be very interested to know how old Barry and Joan will be in a couple of decades. I will be 75! My son still on 43! Living with the consequences of the referendum.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      What makes you think it’s a ridiculous decision?..If the lying politicians had been straight with us in the first place,circa 1972. Ted Heath saying it would only be a trading agreement…1975. Harold Wilson on the referendum saying the result won’t change anything..Tony Blair saying that ”A future labour government would negotiate a complete withdrawal from the EU” Peter Hain in 2008 say of The Lisbon Treaty.”It’s only a tidying up exercise”’..And no, we have’nt let down the under 35’s, we’ve probaly safeguarded their future if the truth be known..And by the way Steve in a couple of decades I will hopefully be 95 and still be alive to see the benefits of being out of the EU..If it still exists in 20 years time which I doubt.

  7. Barry Morrison says:

    If things are debated and thought our properly and sensibly there should’nt be any serious consequences..Just remember in 2008 before Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty it was the Lib Dems who were howling for a referendum so the people should have a say..Short memories come to mind here

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