Carr Takes Bramcote and Beeston North

Steve Carr, Liberal Democrat, has been elected to serve as County Councillor for Bramcote and Beeston North.

Votes cast:

Steve Carr, Liberal Democrat, 1966

Tony Smith, Conservative, 1355

Ellie Winfield, Labour, 1178

Paul Nathanail, Independent, 150

Chris Cobb, UKIP, 119

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3 Responses to Carr Takes Bramcote and Beeston North

  1. Steve,

    Congratulations on retaining the seat for the lib Dems Steve. You have big shoes to fill.

    Thank you to everyone who voted for me and for the other two candidates (Steve Carr and Ellie Winfield) who publically declared their opposition to the County Council giving away land to White Hills Park.

    I hope the new leader of the council will realise that the vast majority of voters here voted for candidates opposed to such largess.

    Steve you have a hard job on your hands. Best wishes on rising to the challenge as I am sure you will.

    Paul Nathanail

  2. Steve Carr says:

    Thank you Paul. I will give what help I can with the Local Plan.

    • Steve,
      As you know the Neighbourhood Forum has its AGM on Tuesday 9 May.

      Bramcote residents have some big choices to make on how we respond to the impending local plan part 2 and Broxtowe’s intentions to allocate something like 10% of the entire housing need of the council onto Bramcote.

      I am curious to hear what everyone thinks on Tuesday.



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