Response from Alan Rhodes concerning the proposed Bramcote School Development

Ellie Winfield:

Ihave today received this response from Alan Rhodes the Labour leader Of Nottinghamshire County Council. This was in response to the direct question I posed to him,:

is it true that Nottinghamshire County Council  are selling the Coventry Lane playing fields for housing development and that the freehold of the land beneath the new buildings will be transferred to the White Hills Park federation trust and the sale of land given to the trust by the county council will pay for the new school building?”

Alan’s response was:

“The Coventry Lane playing field land has not been sold. There has been dialogue with the school but there has been no formal proposal put to any committee of the council so to be drawn into speculation on a possible scheme would be premature. If there is a viable scheme in the future then it would be for the administration to determine if it was in the best interests of the local community.”

Thus I would like to pledge to the people of Bramcote that I Ellie Winfield, your Labour Candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North would work closely and consult widely with you in order to ensure that the best interests of this community are met. I work tirelessly to your interests as a  your county council representative.

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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One Response to Response from Alan Rhodes concerning the proposed Bramcote School Development

  1. Mr Rhodes – thank you for your comment. I am not however suggesting that Labour was discussing selling the land rather GIVING the freehold. There is extensive correspondence between the County Council and advisors to the White Hills Park Federation to this effect.

    Please read this Freedom of Information Request which is a trail of emails largely between Cornerstone ( White Hills Park Federation’s facilitating consultants) and the County Council about the lands leased by White Hills Park Federation and the residual Bramcote Moor reserve:

    You will find it all very illuminating and fully in support of what I said on my blog:

    If Labour Councillors were NOT aware of the extent of these discussions then I think you ought to be worried; if they were then perhaps you could care to modify your comment above?

    If elected to represent Bramcote & Beeston North I will be delighted to work with the controlling party (of any party persuasion) to ensure that education infrastructure in Bramcote remains in public ownership and is not built for a private company with money raised from gifted land.

    thank you in advance,

    Paul Nathanail

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