Greg Marshall Announced as Labour’s General Election Candidate for Broxtowe

Press Release: Broxtowe Labour are delighted to have today announced Greg Marshall as their candidate to fight for

Picture by Lewis Stainer/

Broxtowe in the upcoming general election. Greg is a prominent local Councillor in Beeston also works for the Environment Agency and has lived in Broxtowe for almost all of his life.

Born and raised in Attenborough, Greg attended Meadow Lane, College House and Chilwell schools. He now lives in Beeston with his wife Jane, who he met through work and two daughters who also attend local schools in Chilwell.

In 2011, Greg was elected to Broxtowe Borough Council to represent the Beeston West ward, doubling Labour’s vote share through his promises to stand against austerity and fight against cuts being imposed upon Broxtowe Council. Since then, he has delivered on his promises to bring about fairness for local residents. Greg has secured victories on Broxtowe Borough Council such as making them a Living Wage Employer, and putting into place a policy of no evictions to Council house residents who cannot afford to pay the bedroom tax.

In his professional life, Greg has worked for the Environment Agency for over twenty years, mainly protecting our water environment, where he is a Senior Water Resource Advisor. In this role he has responsibility for managing large capital and revenue projects across the country, and also works closely with the water industry.

Greg says: “Broxtowe is a place where I have grown up, where I have many friends, and where I have chosen to make my home with my family. We have a strong sense of community here and I would be honoured to represent the views of Broxtowe in Parliament”.

“I want to be Broxtowe’s next MP so that I can bring about a fairness and equality for all our residents. I want Broxtowe to be a great place to live and work. I will stand up for our public services, fight for the NHS and for education, and work hard to bring growth to the local economy. Above all, I will always do what’s best for Broxtowe.”

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2 Responses to Greg Marshall Announced as Labour’s General Election Candidate for Broxtowe

  1. Mr Marshall,
    Do you support the proposals to give away the freehold of Coventry Lane Playing Fields to a company so that they can build replacement school buildings?
    Or would you prefer those new buildings to be owned by the County Council and leased to the company contracted by Dept for Education to deliver schooling?
    thanks in advance,
    Paul Nathanail

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    I want to know where Greg stands on McDonnell supporting the IRA.

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