Having read B T this evening I have been prompted to respond as follows:-

‘Today’s Political Football ‘Postings’ on Bramcote Today between County Council Candidates and supporters are a little depressing in their semi personal comments, not least the ill judged quotation regarding the well loved and respected Councillor retiring after 26 years faithful service.   Enough I would suggest to ‘turn Off’ some electors from voting.   I am quite sure all those seeking our votes on Thursday are equally sincere in their determination to serve the folk they wish to represent with integrity, passion and commitment making such negative dialogue against their rivals pointless and unnecessary.’

‘For my part, as I have said previously the reallocation of the Coventry Lane Playing Fields was for me was very disappointing and regrettable.   However the current administration at Broxtowe Borough Council had little alternative if it was to fulfil the target of 6150 houses it had inherited and to make provision for the statutory 5 year land supply.   I believe too that any other Party/ Parties in control of the Council would have had little choice but to make similar decisions.’ 

‘We are where are’ and again I would reiterate the FIVE POSITIVES FOR BRAMCOTE  as a result of that decision.’

1.   A new 21st Century state of the art School for our Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren and as advised at the consultation event, it will be available for Community use, further enhancing Bramcote as THE place to live work and play.

2.   With a 5 year land supply protection for Bramcote’s remaining Greenbelt.

3.   Potential leisure facilities, if required on the School development site.

4.  Our beautiful Bramcote Park and the Moor Lane running track playing fields will be designated protected LOCAL GREEN SPACE having the same protection as Greenbelt.

5.   New and enhanced green infrastructure especially near any new developments off Coventry Lane.

Protections and welcome news I would suggest for our NEIGHBOURHOOD Forum as they continue working to produce a forward looking PLAN for Bramcote taking into account those positives. 

Compromise too, may I suggest be possible regarding the ownership of the land upon which the new School is to be built?

A busy time for Bramcote, its Representatives and Forum as many decisions have YET TO BE MADE, not least on the type of development off Coventry Lane, the Bramcote School site, and the proposed Cafe in the Park.   Making our voting intention on Thursday very important indeed!

Thursday is our opportunity to vote for CHANGE and STRONG and STABLE  leadership at County Hall and I would urge everyone to exercise RIGHTLY and wisely as they cast their ballot.

Martin Plackett

Cllr Bramcote Ward BBC

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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  1. The comment about same level of protection as green belt wears thinner each time it is used.

    • RichHartman says:

      Evidence has shown that the green belt isn’t protected at all (Field Farm), nor is ‘protected open space’ (Thoresby Rd golf course), both of which now have consent for new houses.
      If councillors are so keen to protect the green belt from any building why are they clamouring for new school buildings on it (White Hills Fed) and a cafe building (Bramcote Park).
      The whole point of a green belt is that it should be kept free of new development apart from some limited exceptions (farm buildings for example).

  2. Dear Martin,

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by “Compromise too, may I suggest be possible regarding the ownership of the land upon which the new School is to be built?”

    Do you know if the directors of the trust have realised the injustice of being handed assets worth millions and are now stepping back from expecting freehold of the land and new building?

    Also do you know if Conservative policy for the County will be to oppose giving away land worth millions to a private company when there are alternatives?



  3. Ann Hart says:

    I am left wondering about the discussions in the ‘disclosed’ documents about the fate of Moor Lane running track playing fields and also the attitude of developers to the special site on the corner of the Coventry Lane. Paul they didn’t feature in your presentation yesterday?

    • Hi Ann,
      My focus in standing for the County Council is that giving away land to a private company (which is what the trust is) I wrong in principle and damaging for the long term interests of education provision in Bramcote.
      I am delighted that Steve Carr and Ellie Winfield agree with me on this but worried that their parties have stayed silent, as have the Conservative party and Tony Smith, their candidate in Bramcote and Beeston North.


  4. Eric Kerry says:

    A vote for anyone but the Conservative candidates is, by default, a vote for continued Labour control at the County Council. We have conducted a positive campaign to get the best results for all of Nottinghamshire.

  5. Eric,
    What is the Conservative view on giving land owned by the county council to a company?
    Such an abuse of public assets is not right, yet I have seen nothing from Tony Smith about this.

    The principle that public land should stay in public hands, and not be GIVEN AWAY, is why I am standing as the Independent candidate for Bramcote & Beeston North.

    Best regards,

    Paul Nathanail

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