I care about Bramcote – Bramcote is my home! By Ellie Winfield

Ellie Winfield

It has been suggested that my pledges reflect an interest only in Beeston North. This is simply not true. My proposal to start a school holiday lunch club at a venue in Beeston is reflective of the fact that child poverty in Beeston North stands at 26% compared to 7% in Bramcote. It is my intention to roll out this initiative to Bramcote, but one has start somewhere and it makes sense to start where the need is greatest.

Do I care about Bramcote? This is my home! Of course I care. Here is an example of what I am already doing to stand up for residents in Bramcote.

My landlord is currently seeking to demolish my home and the homes of 19 other families and residents who live in the grounds of St John’s School of Mission.

We rent our homes because we cannot afford the luxury of owning a home.  When I exercised my right to object to a planning application for 40 luxury dwellings I was threatened with eviction.  But I am fearless and will call out injustice and will not be cowed by bullies.  These are qualities that will help me fight for the people of Bramcote and Beeston North.  Even as I write these words I know they could speed up my eviction, but 20 families face displacement with no offer of support or help in seeking alternative, affordable accommodation locally. 

No one else seems to care. Not Conservative councillor Doddy, whose opening gambit at the planning meeting where the fate of our homes was sealed was to express his delight to hear nothing of frogs, toads and newts disrupting development. This not only shows a shocking disrespect for the residents whose homes are being demolished, but also total disregard for the environment.

Not Conservative councillor Philip Owen, who had the audacity to claim that the tenants whose affordable homes are being knocked down to make way for exclusive homes would benefit from the demolition. A shockingly insensitive statement when you consider we will likely all have to move out of the area into smaller, more expensive, lower quality homes and our children facing a disrupted education and broken friendships as a result of potential school moves. 

The Tories cannot be trusted to provide a voice for local residents facing such injustice. I, on the other hand, am fearless and principled and will stand up for the people in this community.

Vote for me and I will not let you down.

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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18 Responses to I care about Bramcote – Bramcote is my home! By Ellie Winfield

  1. stevejcarr says:


    Sent some replies to Ellie Winfield. Absolutely furious at her attacks on Stan.

    Steve Carr

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Steve Carr says:

    Have you costed this proposal Ellie?

    • Ellie Winfield says:

      Yes. I wouldn’t make promises I couldn’t keep. It will run for 12 weeks of the year and from my initial costings, it wll be self funding within 2 years. I have experience of running a similar club where I budgeted and planned and then cooked a two course meal for around 50 older adults once a week and each week the bill came in at under £1.50 per head (including overheads). I am confident I can deliver on this promise.

      • Sally Best says:

        Sounds like a great idea, And really lovely to see you have both though of the costings and have been involved with something similar before to have some understanding of the practicalities.

      • Steve Carr says:

        Well the Hope Centre already do something similar. If you check I donated £2000 to them this year. Not a new idea.

        The Labour Party have not got a monopoly on compassion.

      • Sally Best says:

        The hope centre is a great local resource but does not do anything like this. It runs the hope cafe which serves breakfast to those going to the food bank of services drop in but it is not a service for children. They used to do a family cafe after school term time only one day a week but it has not been on since last year.
        I appreciate your very needed donation last year. It is a shame the Tory council cut its funding but it does not offer the service Ellie is talking about.

      • Martin Campbell says:

        @Steve Carr Labour may not have a “monopoly on compassion”, but it wasn’t them who went into a coalition with the Tories and went back on most of their manifesto promises, and it is Jeremy Corbyn refusing to rule out that he’d go into coalition with them again! If the Lib Dems were so compassionate, surely they’d rule out enabling the Tories to enact their harmful policies?

        The fact is that the Lib Dems have proved themselves untrustworthy on the national level. Why should they be given the benefit of the doubt at the local one? If the Lib Dems go into coalition with the Tories after next month’s election, they’re bound to allow the Tories to make the cuts to councils they want to, because that’s all the Lib Dems are – Tory enablers.

  3. davidwatts12 says:

    So Ellie Winfield will get very cross if it affects her personally. She doesn;t actually tell us what she has done or is doing. The same thing appears in her leaflet. She nicks a Lib Dem slogan – A record of action, a promise of more – but then can’t actually find anything that she has done to try and justify using it.

    • Neil Elliot says:

      Right *cracks knuckles* . Had a look at the leaflet. The “nicked” slogan you’re referring to is on the bit dedicated to the local labour party and their record as County council. So I doubt Ellie had much to do with that bit. the rest…. seems pretty good to me. Lunch Club, Yep I can get on board with that, Public transport, well we all know the bus links between Bramcote and Beeston are rubbish, campaign for better education? I don’t think that needs comment to be honest. Sounds to me like you’re grabbing at straws mate

  4. Dave Ratchford says:

    Well, Ellie, ypu might expect to say this as a Labour Party member, but I am also a former senior public sector manager, a civil servant, a post graduate, and a community volunteer. My point being I’ve spent a lot of my life investing my time in other people and therefore its important to me that my representatives can be trusted. I trust you and you’ve always been consistent. If you say you’ll do it, I believe you.

    • stevejcarr says:

      Seems to have been a Labour cyber attack. Lol

      Sent from my iPad

      • RichHartman says:

        Steve – your delivered leaflet warns us not to elect a conservative councillor tomorrow as he/she is a hard-Brexit Tory. In what way is Brexit relevant to a county council election?

  5. stevejcarr says:

    Quite a few things really.

    1. Social Care is already experiencing a drain of staff as people are beginning to leave the UK. This is also affecting the NHS and schools.

    2. The Government have made no promises to replace economic development grants, grants for leisure, tourism etc. that come from the EU. These are substantial amounts in Nottinghamshire.

    3. The expected bill for leaving the EU will be huge and is not in any financial plan for spending. This will put even further pressure on the Council.

    I would prefer to have a councillor that will oppose moves that will create the above problems rather than one that wants to leave to EU at any cost.

    And I am sure that there are many in Bramcote who will agree with me.

    • Sally Best says:

      They are some of the many ways it will affect the local council but I believe the question was how it was relevant to the election, I may be wrong but I took that to mean how does who we elect have any bearing. On preventing this?
      I also recall Ellie campaigning with remain group prior to the referendum so it would be unlikely she is suddnly looking to leave ‘at any cost’

    • We could start by having a councillor who will oppose giving away an asset worth tens of millions to a private academy. The lib dems won’t oppose this, labour won’t and neither will the conservatives.

      • Ellie Winfield says:

        You are wrong on this Paul.I would oppose gifting of land which is public to a private organisation but no such thing has been proposed at this stage.

      • Paul Nathanail says:

        Ellie – I know that YOU would oppose gifting the land – you have said so and I believe you (and Steve Carr who has said the same). However Labour as a whole has NOT (and neither have the lib dems.

  6. stevebarber says:

    I find this so sad. Someone comes up with some good ideas which she has looked into and might just work. What does the sitting County Councillor do? Look at the proposals and suggest ways of improving them? Promise that if he’s re-elected he would like to meet with this resident and some officers to discuss further? No Steve Carr sees a threat and a way of turning it into a party political spat.
    No wonder people get fed up of politicians.

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