Greens Say No to Fracking

Green Kat Boettge and Baroness Jenny Jones visit fracking site in Nottinghamshire.

Notts County Council Candidate Kat Boettge and the Green peer of the House of Lords Jenny Jones visited the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest and Tinker Lane near Bassetlaw where recently the County Council has passed a exploratory fracking application. Baroness Jenny Jones, who came from London to speak against fracking says “the Green Party has been the main political party strongly opposing fracking from the beginning, other parties have been following our example as public concerns have grown”. Cllr Kat Boettge argues that “Tinker Lane site is a beautiful spot on a lovely country lane, this will be destroyed by fracking. We must move away from fracking as environmentally speaking, it poses great risks to this area, including pollution of our ground water, earthquakes and the use of large quantities of water. The increase in earthquakes in other areas due to fracking brought a drop in house prices of 10 to 20%. The water used is being polluted with toxic additives. About 50% of the water does not resurface and is completely lost. The remaining water is toxic and even radioactive. Furthermore, so far we still lack any sensible treatment. Contrary to some claims, studies have shown that greenhouse gas emissions from fracking are higher than with conventional coal; at times of climate change, this is simply unacceptable”.

Cllr Boettge continues “rising fuel prices and drilling for oil at depth in the North Sea are indicators of the inevitable future that accessible fossil fuels will run out. Without subsidies, fracking does not make any economic sense either. Fossil fuels have still been getting higher subsidies (including tax breaks) than any renewable energy here in the UK. This is ridiculous, considering our situation today: we must move away from fossil fuels and invest in green energies. Another important aspect is that investing in the renewable sector and in energy conservation (for example insulation) also generates more local jobs. It consequently helps local economies, whilst the fossil fuel sector brings fewer jobs, and profits – which are commonly achieved through tax breaks – benefit international corporations. We, the Green Party, have been fighting for a greener, more sustainable and fairer future for the common good. Protecting the environment and fighting against climate change have been important aspects, not only for the environment itself, but for the people, future generations and even our local economies. Please join us in opposing fracking, and vote Green.”

Baroness Jenny Jones adds “we visited the Major Oak, a stunning land mark for the Sherwood Forest. A recent data request by Friends of the Earth has shown that the owners were approached in order to establish if the area could also be fracked. This just shows that there does not seem anything sacred and protected, not even this incredible 1000 year old tree.”

Source: Green Party press release from Katharina Boettge.

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One Response to Greens Say No to Fracking

  1. While a good photo opportunity should never be missed, the text could be read to suggest fracking beneath the Major Oak is being considered. That is not the case. What has been asked for is permission to carry out geophysical surveys (*) of the ground in that area – to help exploration in nearby areas.

    * Geophysics is a good way to get information about the ground with out drilling – a bit like x-raying or MRI scanning is a good way to get information about the body with out cutting it open.

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