News From Anna Soubry MP 22 April 2017

Anna Soubry writes:
Standing to be re-elected as your MP

Broxtowe Conservatives have unanimously re-selected me as their candidate to stand in June’s General Election. I am delighted and honoured to be seeking re-election as your MP.

Despite the short notice there was great turnout at last night’s meeting.

Theresa May is right to call the General Election and she was backed by the overwhelming majority of MP’s on Wednesday. Theresa needs her own mandate from the people to deliver on her vision for our country as well as strengthening her hand in the Brexit negotiations.

I very much hope you will support my campaign to be re-elected as your MP. If you would like to help in any way then please get in touch.

But first the County Council elections!

Voters throughout Broxtowe go to the polls on Thursday 4 May to elect a new County Council. I have been out campaigning for many weeks now and have been struck by the strong support for Conservative candidates and the collapse of the Labour vote. The choice on May 4 is between Labour (who currently control Notts County Council) and the Conservatives.

A and E receive cash boost

The Emergency Department at the QMC will receive an extra £400,000 of capital funding. According to Nottingham University Hospital Trust the money will be used to “strengthen streaming at the front door”. I think that means improving the entrance for the benefit of patients and staff. In any event, it is very good news and represents the continuing investment in our great NHS.

HS2 Trowell anti viaduct petition

A petition in opposition to HS2’s plans for a 60 foot high viaduct through Trowell, has been gathering support. If you would like a copy please let me know. I have provided anti HS2 campaigners in the village with a set of words for their petition; both will be presented to the new Parliament after June 8. I am supporting the anti-viaduct petition as I am not opposed to HS2 but am against the proposed viaduct.

Diamond Ball sparkles

This year’s Civic Ball, hosted by our Mayor Graham Harvey, raised £1700 for Prostate Cancer – Graham’s charity of choice during his term of office. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening sparkle.

Delivering in Dormy Close

I am very pleased that Royal Mail has resumed deliveries in Dormy Close, Bramcote. In February, residents contacted me after their post stopped. The postman/woman objected to a residents’ dog (a small shelpie), even though it had been independently reviewed as safe. I wrote to Royal Mail asking them to exercise common sense and restore deliveries – which they have done.

Contact Anna:
High Road,
Barton House,
0115 9436507

What’s on in Broxtowe today
Saturday 22 April
Stapleford Cycle Centre – Training and Guided Ride
9am till 12 noon
Where: Hickings Lane Recreation Ground Pavilion, Stapleford.
What’s on: 9am till 10am learn to ride for all ages, 10am till 11am cycling skills on quite roads, 11am till 12 noon gentle social guided ride. For further details please call Ridewise on 0115 955 2288.
– –
Saturday mornings with Dig In Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford.
What’s on: Full details of this weekly event here.
– –
Attenborough Village Bowls Club – Open Day
10am till 4pm
Where: Bowls Club, The Strand, Attenborough.
What’s on: Anyone is welcome to come along to the open day and have a go at bowls.
– –
Rainbow Parents Carers Forum – Play Sesession
2pm till 3:55pm
Where: The Pearson Centre for Young People, Beeston.
What’s on: Play session supporting families with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Full details here.
– –
A Woodland Dinner – Bramcote Hills Park, Community Cafe
Where: St Michael’s Church Centre, Church Street, Bramcote.
What’s on: A fundraising 3 course dinner event for the building of Bramcote Hills Park, Community Cafe, tickets cost £25 for details and to book a place please call 07870600825.

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18 Responses to News From Anna Soubry MP 22 April 2017

  1. I am sure Ms Soubry will understand if I disagree with her about the county council elections.

    The choice here in Bramcote and Beeston North is about allowing our green belt to be destroyed and the money raised from selling the land to go from the public to a company.

    The alternative is to put an independent voice into County Hall to fight to keep #PublicLandsInPublicHands today and tomorrow.

    Her fellow Conservative councillors have not defended the green belt and the Conservative candidate for county council has chosen not to reject Labour’s wish to give away the Coventry Land playing fields to an independent company.

    So on 4 May only a vote for Paul Nathanail is a vote to keep public lands in public hands.

    Join Paul at 5pm today to hear more:

    Paul Nathanail is the independent candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North.

    This message is promoted by Peter Nathanail on behalf of Paul Nathanail, both of 86 Moor Lane, Bramcote

  2. Ian Tyler says:

    Well, here we go – Anna continues in her role as the political Janus, Paul reflects the populist nimbyism , albeit with a genuine concern but no answer to the doctrinal policies of parties of all colours. Paul’s advocacy is a pale reflection of Anna’s, a “tell them what they want to hear” rather than a rationale which addresses the problem of too few affordable homes for Joe Public.
    I believe we’re close to saturation as far as further development in Bramcote/Broxtowe is concerned.
    What to do? – broaden the geographical area within which to build: –

    1. Abolish the County Council

    2. Establish development areas that truly reflect the local requirments.

    3. Make affordable housing a reality, state sponsored, and generous in the land available.

    4. Specify the requirments for descriptions of flats , detached , semis and terraces.

    5. Accept that the infrastructure for community cohesion needs investment in transport links.

    6.When we make decisions just reflect whether we would be content to live there.

    Now I am a Lib-Dem but I believe in consensus – as long as it doesn’t embrace the arrogant ” Tory, we know what’s best for you” – please give Theresa a major kick up her effete, Home Counties derrière.

    Ian(Wat) Tyler, vulgar commoner.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      “the doctrinal policies of parties of all colours.” Here is a prime example as why County Councils and lower should really be ‘party free’. A few years ago on Radio Nottingham I asked Kay Cutts, and others (it was just before an election) why the CC needed to be run on party lines. She gave me some load of waffle about it being necessary to be in tune with government and I didn’t get a straight answer from any of them. Local decisions are made, theoretically, for the benefit of the local community so why is it so important to be a member of a National political party. Also I am told that they even have a ‘whipping’ policy.

      So to all you councillors of whatever persuasion or council. Why do we have to have Councils run on Political Party Lines?

      • Steve Carr says:

        Ian. The Conservatives and Labour a groups have a whipping policy. The LibDem Group do not which confuses the hell out of the other parties.

      • I cannot answer your question Ian, but as an independent I am part of your answer.
        Perhaps you might want to vote for me on 4 May.

        Paul Nathanail

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        That wasn’t the question Steve, the question was “Why do we have to have Councils run on Political Party Lines?”

  3. Ian,

    I take it from what you say that you support the current course of action regarding the freehold of Coventry Land playing fields and ownership of any new school buildings?

    Best wishes,


  4. Ian Tyler says:

    Yes – there are no alternative funding options open to the school for financing a new build. In respect to the ownership of the new school; the premises and appurtenances ultimately belong to the government through the Secretary of State for Education. Now that’s my reading of the most recent Education Act , others may advise differently.


    • Dear Ian,

      It is a shame the liberal democrats, as soon as they entered into coalition government, had a hand in the Schools for the Future programme being scrapped just before Nottinghamshire’s schools were due to benefit from it.

      Would it not be great if the mainstream national parties included a revised version of the Schools for the Future fund in their Westminster election manifestos to invest in decent facilities for children to be educated in. Now THAT would be worth paying a bit more tax for.

      best regards,

      Paul Nathanail
      Please vote for PAUL NATHANAIL on 4 May to give Bramcote and Beeston North an independent voice in County Hall

    • Dear Ian,

      I am not in a position to advise on the Education Act – perhaps you know a friendly lawyer you could ask.

      However Schedule 14 of the Act deals with land and makes it clear that secretary of state permission is needed to dispose of land held for educational purposes. WHP trust has recently consulted ahead of asking for Secretary of State permission (under the Academies Act 2010 and the School Standards and Framework Act 1998) for the disposal of the Coventry Lane playing fields.

      Correspondence between WHP trust’s advisors and Nottinghamshire County Council suggests the freehold of the land beneath the new buildings will be transferred to the trust and the sale of land given to the trust by the county council will pay for this new building.

      I think any new school buildings paid for by public funds or the disposal of public assets should be in public ownership to ensure their long term availability for the education of generations to come in Bramcote, Beeston North and Stapleford.

      best regards,

      Paul Nathanail

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      Delighted to hear your view, as a Liberal-Democrat, expressed so clearly, Mr Tyler: that it is perfectly acceptable to give public assets to a private company.
      I happen to disagree.
      I wonder what the view on giving away public assets to private companies is of Ellie Winfield (Labour) or Steve Carr (Liberal-Democrat)?

      • Steve Carr says:

        I don’t agree with handing public assets to private companies. Unless they pay for them!

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        And under the Tories, that will probably for a bargain price.

      • Ellie Winfield says:

        I disagree whole heartedly with gifting public assests to private companies – the idea of privatising our state assests appalls me which is also why I disagree with the concept of academies altogether.

      • Paul Nathanail says:

        I am delighted that Ellie and Steve have confirmed they too oppose the County Council giving Coventry Lane playing fields to the White Hills Park Federation. If there is to be money from disposal of public land then the money and any buildings constructed with it should stay in public hands.

        Can Ellie and Steve confirm that these are the Labour and Liberal Democrat positions on this topic as well?

        And any chance that Tony Smith, the Conservative candidate, could express a view on this? And confirm what the Conservative party line on giving away public assets worth millions to a private company is?

        As those who follow me on twiiter (@paulnathanail) will know: #PublicLandsInPublicHands


        Paul Nathanail
        The Independent Candidate for Bramcote & Beeston North

  5. Steve Carr says:

    So pleased you seem to be so bothered about Beeston North. You haven’t been for the 14 years I have been councillor there.

  6. Steve,

    I am delighted to see you agree with me that the County Council should not hand the freehold of the Coventry Lane playing fields to the White Hills Park Federation (there is no evidence of any payment being offered!).



  7. Steve Carr says:

    Yes Paul, it is.

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