Will There Be Any Green-space Left in Bramcote?

George Read writes: Do any of our candidates for the local county council elections or candidates for Broxtowe MP want to protect our greenbelt? Over the last three years we have had huge areas be released for housing by successive administrations despite promises that they don’t want to but have had to as they all strive to reach this housing ‘bank’ target of 6,350 houses in Broxtowe for the next five years. We are told that that they have nearly reached this target but as to an actual figure achieved no one seems able to or wants to release this. If anyone in the council can let us all know it would be much appreciated so we will know what else is required.

The next reason for developing on our green space is to provide new schools, something we all want however at what cost? If we were a city centre area we wouldn’t have this land to sell off and central government would have to help. We are told that they aren’t able to do this due to no money. Is our children’s future not equally important as other causes for which they can find funds. So to rebuild the Bramcote Hills school the land on Moor Lane is to be sold off for 500- 600 houses and the old park school site is to be redeveloped for houses. This should generate a very healthy surplus to rebuild the school so does all of it have to be developed? Should we not need to keep some of the land for recreation? Suggestions have been made to rebuild the 50 plus year old Bramcote Leisure centre from the surplus but this doesn’t seem to be definitely in the plans. Or is it ? Our population needs to have space to relax, for exercise and protect future health, an increasing problem.

We need to encourage the use of open space such as Bramcote park for the reasons above and for this we need facilities, toilets and refreshments which were there were originally until they were removed for the remembrance garden. A council over site!! So now there is a proposed ‘essential development’ in the middle of the park next to the playground. The precedent for this development on prime green belt could give rise to further buildings to ‘support’ this ‘essential development’ with further erosion of this very precious an area. Surely this ‘essential development’ could be put on the car park area to protect this valued and much used open space and so be nearer to connect to the utility services and save connection costs.

So, will any of our candidates for councillors or our local MP go on record to stop or at least curtail all this development of what is left of Bramcote’s open space before none of it is left? I am sure there are many of the electorate who would like to hear their thoughts before the election rather than after, when it is too late.

Once it has gone it has gone.

George Read Local Resident

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13 Responses to Will There Be Any Green-space Left in Bramcote?

  1. Yes, me.

    If anyone wants to know why me and not ANY of the party sponsored candidates do ask.

    Paul Nathanail
    Independent candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North

  2. Steve Carr says:

    Dear Mr Read

    I have a great deal of empathy with your concerns and I could give you a populist answer to try and gain your vote. But the answer is that I cannot guarantee what you are asking for the following reasons;

    1. This is a County election and apart from minerals, the County Council has no responsibility for planning. That come within the remit of Broxtowe Borough Council.
    2. As we have seen with the Golf Course, a decision by a council’s planning committee can be overturned by the Government.
    3. Councillors on the planning committee cannot by law pre-empt a decision on an application and have to show that they have considered all aspects before they make such a decision.
    4. The councillors on the planning committee, whether they are a member of a political party or not, are forbidden by law to be whipped to make a decision.

    I have been a councillor for 14 years and planning can be a very frustrating matter.

    It would be interesting to hear from your Borough Councillors (who are responsible for planning) have to say on this matter. You may recall that 2 years ago they promised to protect Bramcote’s greenbelt. Just 18 months later, they voted to take substantial areas out of the greenbelt in order that development can take place.


    Steve Carr
    Liberal Democrat candidate for Bramcote & Beeston North.

  3. Steve is right. And as we are learning again in the general election, the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.

    But we must remember the rot set in with a Lib Dem championed incursion into the green belt at Field Farm. There is a big difference this time round though.

    The freehold of the green belt in Bramcote currently under threat of development belongs to Nottinghamshire County Council. So our next County Councillor has a real chance to influence the land owner’s decision about the fate of the green belt in Bramcote and Beeston North, while we still have some.

    Paul Nathanail
    Independent Candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North

  4. stevebarber says:

    Can you please elaborate as to where the figure of 6350 new homes for Broxtowe over the next 5 years comes from? When I chaired the Joint Planning Advisory Board and we got the Aligned Core Strategy through it was for 6150 homes over 15 years. Thanks

  5. Dear Steve (Barber),
    Sorry if anything I wrote has confused things for you. The figure of 6350 is a typo in the post at the top of this thread from someone else and I have not repeated it as far as I know. Broxtowe has indeed set a target of 6150 dwellings.

    Following the abolition of regional spatial strategies by the incoming Conservative/ Lib Dem coalition government, the Labour/Liberal Democrat controlled Broxtowe Borough Council adopted this target of 6150 dwellings. We are now having to live with the consequences of that decision.

    best regards

    Paul Nathanail

    PS While I have your attention, can you advise on Labour’s views on handing over public assets worth tens of millions of pounds to a company when the County Council could keep the freehold of land and new school buildings and lease them to the White Hills Park Federation trust?

  6. Nick Palmer says:

    We won’t know till later this week who the Labour candidate is, but speaking for myself I do think that it’s an appropriate issue for candidates for MP, since it seems to me that successive local councils have been struggling with national guidance which makes additional housing hard to resist. I recall the Conservatives in 2015 posing as protectors of the Green Belt, but as soon as they got in they moved swiftly to weaken the power of councils to resist development.

    To be fair it’s genuinely difficult, since everyone acknowledges that there’s a shortage of affordable housing in Britain. But, as with social care and other knotty issues, it’s ill-served by a battle of slogans with no detectable overall strategy. Personally I favour higher-density apartment housing in cities, which is the way that mos Western countries have tackled the issue, balanced by strong protection of the Green Belt in the outer ring which would include Broxotwe) so that the additional population in the cities have green space nearby.

    • RichHartman says:

      No, not everyone acknowledges there’s a shortage of housing. Anna Soubry MP spent an inordinate amount of airtime saying the housing needs figures should be challenged. But her government still granted consent for Field Farm and the Thoresby Road golf course developments.

  7. Steve Carr says:

    It’s a shame then Nick that Broxtowe’s Labour Leader Milan Radulovic stated in open debate that he would develop the Green Belt in Bramcote.

    • RichHartman says:

      …and neither the Tories nor the LibDems could stand in the way effectively of this development in the greenbelt.

      • Steve Carr says:

        I voted against it with one Labour councillor. All the other Labour councillors and all the Tories voted for the plan. I tried but given the numbers …

  8. Steve is right to focus on numbers. We have been let down by the target of 6150 adopted under labour and the lib dems and subsequently the conservatives, elected to ‘defend the green belt’, have been profligate in allowing low density development at Toton that threatens land elsewhere and not pursuing housing on ‘brownfields’ in Beeston town centre sites.
    He spoke well at the jobs and economy meeting but his words counted for nothing.
    Labour’s Cllr Radulovic in fact said he’d be in favour of building on Bramcote’s green belt whether or not the school finances were an issue.

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      It’s no surprise then that Labour locally, in the person of their candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North, Ellie Winfield, has not given the electorate either a personal view on this most pressing local issue, that of the Labour group giving public land to a private company. Neither has she seen fit to press the Labour group for an explanation of their actions. Sadly,it suggests to me, as does her campaign literature that she only has Beeston interests at heart and that Bramcote residents with a Labour leaning should seek an alternative place to put their cross in the local election.

  9. Steve Carr says:

    He most certainly did Paul.

    Thanks for your comments

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