Reminder: Community Exhibition Consultation Tomorrow on New School and Residential Development on Coventry Lane Playing Fields

This consultation will be held on: Wednesday 19th April 2017 from 3pm – 7pm at Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3GA

The issues involved are extremely important for the community. Make sure you go along and comment on the proposals.

Before you go, read this  Freedom of Information Request which is a trail of emails largely between Cornerstone ( White Hills Park Federation’s facilitating consultants) and the County Council about the lands leased by White Hills Park Federation and the residual Bramcote Moor reserve. You will find it all very illuminating and fully in support of what Paul Nathanail has been saying on his blog.

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3 Responses to Reminder: Community Exhibition Consultation Tomorrow on New School and Residential Development on Coventry Lane Playing Fields

  1. Ann Hart says:

    The trail of emails from Cornerstone make disturbing reading and contain information/explorations that have not been part of any discussions I have heard about or in fact are total contradictions of what I have been led to believe.

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      Completely in agreement, Ann.
      All this taking place behind the scenes, and the people it affects are being steered in the wrong direction.
      One wonders when, or even if, the gullible public would have been told about these Machiavellian antics.
      The ONLY candidate I feel I can trust locally, from reading their statements, is Paul Nathanail.

    • Dear Ann,
      The only way to protect the green belt between Broxtowe & Stapleford from being developed on is to make sure we elect representatives at all levels (Borough, County and Westminster) who will actively fight for this.

      It is ridiculous for Bramcote to be facing the prospect of hosting over 640 houses when the whole of Broxtowe needs 6150. The suggestion of 500 homes to be built by the White Hills Park Federation goes well beyond the 300 houses envisaged by Broxtowe’s planning officers. The suggestion that Notts County Council would wish to sell land occupied by the Bramcote School for redevelopment for housing would constitute a huge change in the locality.

      The planning reasons for ANY HOMES in the Bramcote Park site has now disappeared.

      The idea that public land should be given to an indepedent Academy Trust to build new schools the Trust would then own is not the way to secure education provision in the area.

      Those elected representatives (past and current) who have supported taking Bramcote Park and its vicinity out of the green belt as well as those who supported the White Hills Park schools coming out of county council control should reflect on the entirely foreseeable consequences of their actions. Party politics comes into this: Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives all have a share of the responsibility for the position Bramcote now finds itself in.

      It is not too late though!

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