House-building on the Bramcote School Site?

Paul Nathanail’s latest blog reveals the County Council is minded to sell off land occupied by the Bramcote School site for housing.

Further details at:

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3 Responses to House-building on the Bramcote School Site?

  1. Jeremy Galtress says:

    presumably this will be on the agenda for the next neighbourhood forum meeting

  2. alan beale says:

    In the last few months we have seen signs that significant chunks of land in Bramcote could be allocated for housing.This includes the golf course,the schoolplaying fields,St John’s College,the area west of Coventry lane[Stapleford] and this site linking into Field farm.The latest develpment looks as though it could be the Bramcote school site.
    These developments all have a significant impact on what was green/protected open space and it looks as though the only two areas now safe from developers is the land around the running track on Moor lane and Bramcote Park. Am I correct ?

    • RichHartman says:

      Alan – recent experience shows that nowhere is ‘safe’ from developers. Neither ‘protected area’ not ‘green belt’ status has prevented consent being given for building on these areas.

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