Pat Ratcliffe writes: Please correct me if I’m factually wrong, but did a LABOUR council, yes, a LABOUR council, recently vote for more fracking in Nottinghamshire?

And has a LABOUR council, the self same LABOUR council collaborated with Tories and Lib Dems to give away £20 million plus of public assets to a privately owned school?

You’d expect the party of private enterprise, and the party that sits on the fence to do this, but the LABOUR party!

Two key questions for you, Ellie Winfield. Please answer.

Pat Ratcliffe, Bramcote.

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13 Responses to Disillusioned!

  1. Pat – as my blog points out the vote was to grant permission for more exploration for shale gas (a precursor to ‘fracking’ and gas extraction) – and yes it seems that 4 out of 5 Labour councillors voted in favour of further exploration.

    Links to further details of who voted how and on how the planning committee discussions took shape are on my blog site:


    • Graham Heal says:

      On your blog site you finish your article with:
      “Only an independent councillor for Bramcote and Beeston North will fight to protect our area from the enormous environmental impact shale gas extraction brings with it.”

      To avoid possible confusion, can you clarify what you mean by the term ‘our area’? Do you oppose fracking of all kinds in just Bramcote & Beeston North; or do you include all of Broxtowe; or all of Notts? Or do you oppose all fracking everywhere and for all time? Thanks

      • Hi Graham,

        Don’t worry, if I am elected to serve at County Hall I won’t be imposing ‘fracking’ on Toton, Chilwell and Attenborough.

        Paul Nathanail

        The Independent Candidate for bramcote & Beeston North.

        Please consider voting for PAUL NATHANAIL on 4 May 2017 to help retain land and school buildings in public ownership.

        SIGN UP TO MY EMAIL LIST: http://eepurl.com/cKuty1


        Promoted by Peter Nathanail on behalf of Paul Nathanail, both of 86 Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3FH

      • Donna MacRae says:

        Nationally and locally Liberal Democrats oppose fracking because of its harmful environmental impact when compared with other viable sources of energy including solar and wave technology.


        So Graham are YOU for or against fracking, seems your party say one thing then vote another.

  2. Richard MacRae says:

    The Liberal Democrat for this area also voted yes to the recent application which went before Nottinghamshire County Council. Wonder what the Green Party would think to that.

    • Graham Heal says:

      And what are your views on fracking, Richard, either in Stapleford or the wider Borough/County? Do you oppose the opportunity to produce cheap (or cheaper, at least) energy for your constituents?

      • Richard MacRae says:

        As a Councillor I take any information I can before making any decisions. When Fracking was spoke about at Broxtowe Borough Council I requested that we have experts come in and give a talk to us all to help us make a decision. Unfortunately I am still waiting to hear about this happening. But off my own back I have requested a visit to meet some people for a chat. Then when I am faced with any decision to make I will be better informed on the pros and cons.

  3. Ian Tyler says:

    As a Lib-Dem I find myself agreeing with Richard McRae on getting the facts before jumping to conclusions. We’re seeing the warming of the blood prior to the CC elections – given the artifice and cynicism of the Tories in their false promises and duplicity over the green belt , we all need to be cautious. Paul Nathaniel seems to be in the Soubryesque mold – easy promises. Here’s what the CC motion was about.
    < Back to: Latest news

    "Decision due on County's first exploratory gas drilling application

    Nottinghamshire County Councillors will meet next week to consider the county’s first planning application for exploratory drilling for shale gas.

    The application, submitted by Island Gas Limited in October last year, is recommended for approval by the Planning and Licensing Committee meeting on Wednesday 5 October (10am). See the report on the County Council's website.

    No hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – would be undertaken as part of the application.

    The development site – a former Cold War missile launch site – is off Springs Road, around two miles north east of Misson in Bassetlaw and close to the Nottinghamshire, Doncaster and North Lincolnshire local government boundary.

    The application is for the development of a temporary well site, which would involve the drilling of two exploratory shale gas wells to explore the rock geology below the ground to find out if it is likely to contain shale gas."

    So it's not a decision to frack – it's a decision to establish the facts.

  4. Dear Ian,

    Please have a look at what I said in response to Pat’s question, it’s at the top of this comments section but I reproduce it here for your convenience:

    “as my blog points out the vote was to grant permission for more exploration for shale gas (a precursor to ‘fracking’ and gas extraction) – and yes it seems that 4 out of 5 Labour councillors voted in favour of further exploration.”

    Best wishes,


  5. Ellie Winfield says:

    Hi Pat, I have requested a full response from Nottinghamshire County Council Labour group for you and I will post their response here for you as soon as I receive a reply. Kind regards Ellie

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      Appreciate your response, Ellie.
      The stage before fracking vote is worrying indeed, if Paul Nathanial is correct that 4 out of 5 Labour people supported it.
      But for a Labour Council to be giving away publically owned land to a privately owned school, with what, if anything in return, is simply beyond comprehension. Deals behind the scenes with Tories is way beyond what I would ever expect a Party that espouses support for public ownership, and is not what solid Socialists, like you, say you believe in.
      I await, with interest, the response of the Labour group, which I feel confident will hide more than it uncovers.

    • Pat Ratcliffe says:

      Hi Ellie,
      I presume that you have not had a response about why the Nottinghamshire County Council Labour group are happy to give away publically owned land to a private company, or you would have kept your promise to publish it.
      Whether such a response will arrive before 4th May, or indeed ever, it would be good to hear your personal views on the issue.
      At least one candidate, as well as Paul Nathanail, has said how wrong he thinks it is.
      Where do you stand on this issue? What do you think? What will you do about it if elected?

  6. Steve Carr says:

    This application was not to approve fracking but to allow an exploratory bore hole. If reserves are found then another application has to be made to access them. It is at that stage where planners and councillors can then take into account carbon targets, protection of the environment, dangerous chemicals used.
    I am assuming that the Labour Group listened to their planners, as did Stan Heptinstall, who were rightly saying that only planning laws could be taken into account at stage one. If it had been rejected, any appeal would have undoubtedly been upheld and matters taken out of the hands of the Council.
    I think the Labour councillors did the right thing.

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