Enews from the Liberal Democrats edited by David Watts

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, on behalf of the Lib-Dems in Broxtowe. May I give a special welcome to the new readers that we have this week. Many apologies that there was no newsletter last week but I was out on Saturday night and did not have time to produce an edition. 

  1. Robin Hood Network Nottingham City Council have announced that Robin Hood Cards, which can be used in Beeston and Chilwell, are to be extended so that children’s tickets and a range of other new services will become available. Users will also be able to top cards up online, something which has not been possible until now. The council also aim to make it easier to use across different operators.
  2. M1 Upgrade Work is to begin installing a smart motorway on the M1 between junction 25 and 23A. This will fill anyone who experienced the chaos whilst work was done between junctions 28 and 32 with dread. The timing also seems odd when plans have already been announced to move the M1 to accommodate HS2. Nevertheless the Highways Agency have announced that they will be spending £120m on the scheme.
  3. Jamie Johnson – CBBC Starting on Wednesday, on CBBC, is a show called Jamie Johnson, the story of a young footballer. This is filmed mainly in Bramcote and many of the players involved in the show are from Bramcote and Stapleford (including one of my daughters). It might be interesting for people watching it to try and spot people and places that they know.
  4. Royal Mail Disruption Royal Mail last week had to seal a number of post boxes on the Horsendale Estate in Nuthall. The reason for this is because they had lost the keys and weren’t therefore able to empty them. In total four boxes were closed and this must have caused significant inconvenience for local residents.
  5. Bramcote Hills Park Café Fundraising is now going on to raise the money to build a café and toilets in Bramcote Park. The largest individual donation that we have received so far is £300 and the smallest is £1. Every one of these helps, from the smallest to the largest. I was absolutely delighted this morning to receive a letter from a local developer pledging £10,000 towards the costs. This is a stunningly generous donation and I hope that other local businesses will follow suit. (I hope to be able to name the firm to give them the credit that they deserve but I want to check with them first that it is okay to do so.) I hope that people will continue to donate and if you would like to do so you can donate at the café website, www.bramcoteparkcafe.uk.
  6. Natwest Eastwood The Natwest Bank has announced that it is closing its branch in Eastwood, one of several hundred closures that they have announced. Natwest say that custom in the branch has dropped by 19%, meaning that it is no longer economic to run the branch. It seems that internet and telephone banking are replacing the option of using the branch network.
  7. Church for Montrose Court St Helens Church in Stapleford has applied for planning permission to turn a hairdressers salon in Montrose Court in Stapleford into a satellite church and community room. This would be a really positive way to use a vacant unit. Initially the church wants to open a drop in centre two mornings a week and then have worship on a Sunday afternoon but this may be expanded if the scheme is a success. I wish it well.
  8. Outstanding Nursery Congratulations to Cherubs Nursery in High Street, Kimberley, on being given an outstanding rating by Ofsted after an inspection in February. The inspectors commended the high quality teaching team and described the nursery as inspirational.
  9. Police Retirements Lawful Nottinghamshire Police have won a decision in the Employment Appeal Tribunal, where the judges ruled that the force was entitled to force officers to retire after 30 years service in the interests of efficiency. Notts police were one of five forces who had taken this approach, requiring the most experienced (and therefore highest paid) officers to retire after they had been in the force for 30 years as a way of saving money. Whilst this may be lawful I am sure that I am not the only person who will be concerned about the loss of experience from the force.
  10. Doctors Praise Half of all GP practices in the Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group, which covers the Broxtowe Council area, have been rated as outstanding in inspections by the Clinical Care Commission. This is the highest rate in the country and ten times the national average. I would like to congratulate all the practices that have achieved that result.
  11. Town Centre Questionnaire Broxtowe Borough Council is running a questionnaire about the town centres in the borough. The closing date for these is midnight on 2nd April, so there is little time left to have your say. You can complete the questionnaire at https://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/for-business/town-centres/town-centre-questionnaire/?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=.
  12. Kimberley Jobs Fair Broxtowe residents can take advantage of a special jobs fair in Kimberley next month connecting local people with local vacancies from a range of fantastic employers. Residents can kick-start their careers at the drop-in event on Monday 24th April at Kimberley Town Council Parish Hall between 10.00am and 2.00pm. With vacancies from a variety of local employers, the event is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is looking for work. Already confirmed to attend are Home instead, New College Nottingham, Caunton Engineering and Avon. There will also be expert advice on how to write a C.V, apprenticeships, application forms and training. The event has been organised by Broxtowe Borough Council with support from Kimberley Town Council and local businesses. Any local businesses who would like to come along on the day, should contact the Council’s Economic Development Team on 0115 917 3826.
  13. Garden Waste Service May I remind people who use the councils garden waste service (the brown bin) that the current subscriptions expire tonight and if you want the service to continue then you need to renew your subscription for the next 12 months. The Conservative run council have increased the fees for this year to £31, and you can renew online at www.broxtowe.gov.uk.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Best wishes,  David

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2 Responses to Enews from the Liberal Democrats edited by David Watts

  1. Andy Cooper says:

    I note your referral to the Kimberley Jobs Fair. Perhaps someone should ask why the local Tories in Kimberley put a stop to a local lady starting her business in the town centre. I hope she attends the job fair !!!

  2. Ian Tyler says:

    Hi Andy, intrigued to know what upset the blue rinse social club so much. Hope you are well.
    Best wishes ,

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