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Hello again,    I wrote to all our head teachers about the proposed changes to how our schools are funded. The consultation period ends this coming week and it appears most of our schools will lose out and all face rising costs. The current funding formula is ludicrously complicated, unfair and needs replacing. However, I am far from convinced the proposed formula is the solution. I have accordingly written to the Education Secretary – more details below.  Please read on as I have a mixed bag of news and views.    As ever,   Anna 

A52   There has been another serious crash on the A52 involving two cars racing against each other. Late last year, two people were killed on the same stretch of the A52 and it’s believed high speed was a contributing factor to that accident.    On Friday evening, the crash on the outbound lane approaching Bramcote roundabout, caused extensive damage to residents’ cars parked in drives. A lamp post was sheered off and a large road sign was demolished. I am told a driver and passenger from one of the vehicles ran off.

Bramcote campaigner Tony Smith, who organised a 1,600 strong petition which I presented to Parliament last month, tells me any pedestrian on the pavement would have been seriously injured, if not killed. I have contacted the local Police Inspector for more details and tomorrow will contact Highways England. Friday evening’s incident is yet more evidence of the need for urgent speed curbing measures. The lack of speed cameras means the A52 is a known road where cars and other vehicles can speed with impunity and some can indulge in dangerous racing.   Highways England is due to complete its review of the A52 this month and I will continue to make the case for the measures we desperately need. 

HS2 consultation closes   I have made a lengthy submission to the recent HS2 consultation on the proposed route (notably through Trowell) and the compensation scheme. In particular, I have made clear my opposition to a 20m viaduct through the village of Trowell and to the failure of the compensation scheme to assist villagers. I will continue to provide feedback and news on HS2’s plans. 

Richard and Michelle with their family, Broxtowe Mayor Graham Harvey and wife Ali, and the BBC’s Anne Davies who is patron of Forever Stars.

Tram naming   Congratulations to Chilwell’s Richard and Michelle Daniels on having a tram named after them. Richard and Michelle set up Forever Stars after the stillbirth of their daughter Emily. This remarkable couple have already opened a bereavement suite at the QMC and are now fundraising for suites at the City and Derby Hospitals. The naming ceremony was a great occasion; the tram will publicise Forever Stars and carry a good number of local ‘stars’ who support their work.


<<Find out more about Forever Stars>>

Supporting Broxtowe Borough Council    Broxtowe Borough Council leader Richard Jackson and I, met the Communities Secretary to raise our concerns about funding for the Borough and recent planning decisions overturned by the Planning Inspector. Richard and I expressed opposition to the rulings to allow appeals by developers of Field Farm and Bramcote Golf Course against democratic (and sensible) decisions taken by Broxtowe

Rumbletums award winners   Frankly, I take any opportunity to visit Rumbletums in Kimberley, so I was delighted to present them with the Kids Count award for Best Community Café. Rumbletums provides skills and work experience for young people with learning difficulties. It’s an excellent cafe as well! They have been recognised by Parliament’s Kids Count awards after I nominated them earlier this year.

Brexit and Parliamentary Sovereignty   The Bill to give the power to the Prime Minister to begin the process of our leaving the EU, has passed through Parliament and received the Royal Assent. It is believed the leaving process will be ‘triggered’ a week tomorrow (Monday 27 March). There was the usual nonsense reporting by some newspapers that a group of MP’s and the Lords were trying to delay or hamper our leaving the EU. I have voted for the Bill and also backed an amendment to ensure Parliament gets a say and vote in the event that we do not reach a deal with the EU, once we leave. I hope you will read the speech I gave in Parliament. Unfortunately the amendment was rejected by the House of Commons.

<<My speech on Parliamentary Sovereignty and Brexit (at 5.21pm)>>

Changes to school funding put pressure on Broxtowe schools     Following a significant number of letters from primary and secondary head teachers throughout Broxtowe, I have written to the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, about the proposed new funding formula for our schools. I am sorry to report that even our schools which benefit from the funding, will find their budgets under pressure. Many of our schools will receive less money and all are schools face rising costs – including being required to pay a share of the Apprenticeship Levy. This charge falls on Nottinghamshire County Council and is a good idea in my view, as it funds much needed apprenticeships of which Notts can take advantage. What seems most unfair is for schools to have to pay a share of the cost even though they will receive no benefit. 

It’s right we should make the formula fairer, but I will need some persuading that it is either properly formulated or funded under the current proposals. I will publish my letter to the Secretary of State once she and head teachers have received it.   <<Read more about the proposals and consultation>>

Broxtowe goes to the polls on Thursday May 4 to elect a new set of Nottinghamshire County Councillors. Broxtowe Conservatives have been out campaigning for months and I hope you will support all our candidates. I am also very pleased that Tony Harper has been elected the new Chair of Broxtowe Conservatives. If you would like to help Tony and I in the County Council election campaign please let me know.

Beeston Job Centre move cancelled     Beeston Job Centre Plus will stay in its current premises despite alternative accommodation being found within Broxtowe Borough Councils offices on Foster Avenue. I had supported the move as I believe it is good to bring services together under one roof to benefit users. Better services and value for the tax payer are at the heart of reforms to our Job Centres. The Department of Work and Pensions announced the move was going ahead so I am continuing my enquires to work out why they changed their mind.

Bramcote GP Surgery rated outstanding    Congratulations to everyone at Bramcote GP surgery which has been rated “outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission



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One Response to News from Anna Soubry MP

  1. Bramcotes schools would have been in a far better shape today if the 2010 conservative/ lib dem coalition government had not scrapped the Sure Start programme.

    Those who forget history are destined…

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