Liberal Democrate ‘Focus’ March 2017

You may read a copy of the Focus on Bramcote March 2017 – Here.

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15 Responses to Liberal Democrate ‘Focus’ March 2017

  1. Donna MacRae says:

    I find your so called newsletter to be very misleading indeed.

    There is an image regards Field Farm in Stapleford saying that 100s more houses will be added to the developent. Yet the area that is marked in red has always been included in the plans for Field Farm. The plans that the Liberal Democrats agreed to at Broxtowe Borough Council. None of this development would be taking place if your party didn’t support it in the first place.

    If you visit the links below you can clearly see the development proposals from ages ago which include the area you have marked in red. How can you blatantly just make stuff up liken this.

    • Steve Carr says:

      Hi Donna. That’s an old map. The section behind the woods was not in the first part of the local plan. The map you have used was for the initial assessment of all sites and the section behind the hill was never included.
      It has now though! By the present council. Which I voted against and Richard congratulated me for.

      • Councillor Richard MacRae says:

        Page 47 of this document shows the area you voted against, which I rightly congratulated you on voting against.

        This is the area to the West of Coventry Lane and behind Bramcote Crematorium. It is not the land which forms the north side of the outline planning permission which was granted already as marked red on the recent newsletter. It would seem the wrong area has been highlighted.

      • Paul Nathanail says:

        Hi Steve,

        The map in the LibDem leaflet seems to have lost a degree of focus.

        It shows an area of Field Farm as “Areas where the Conservatives are going to build”. But that was taken out of the green belt by the previous LibDem/Labour coalition as Donna Macrae pointed out.

        In fact your cartographer missed a trick. The LibDem map out of focus does NOT show the wedge of green belt on the west side of Coventry Lane that the Jobs & Economy Committee voted to recommend taking out of the green belt and allocate for housing (something you voted against when attending that committee as a substitute). That is the land that Richard Macrae refers to.

        I am sure this is a topic we will come back to in the near future.



  2. Readers should focus on the fact that the former Bramcote libdem councillors were instrumental in taking Field Farm out of the green belt. We were told at the time that was a tiny proportion of the green belt. Turns out it was… the thin end of a rather large wedge.

    Bramcote is now faced with the prospect of over 440 new residences.

    Paul Nathanail
    Bramcote resident

    • Steve Carr says:

      Well that’s a first. Alt truth on Bramcote Today.

      • Sorry Steve – too opaque for me – what did you not agree with?

        Are you saying our former councillors did NOT support taking Field Farm out of the green belt?

        Are you saying that we were NOT told it was only a small fraction of our green belt?

        Or are you questioning the 440 new residences Bramcote is on the point of being asked to accommodate?


  3. Steve Carr says:

    The question that springs to mind is “What would the Conservatives have done if they were in powere from 2011 to 2015?” Well we will never know but Rushcliffe tried to buck the trend and were penalise by their own party in government for doing so.

    The issue here is that the Conservatives promised not to build on the green belt. They have broken that promise.

  4. Steve – I will leave the crystal ball, alternative universe gazing to you. I prefer to TRY to stick to facts.

    I am the last person you need to remind of the Conservative pre-election words.



  5. Donna MacRae says:

    I do hope this newsletter is not being delivered to local residnets. Apart from the wrong information regards Field Farm on it, it also has the County Council email address for Jacky Williams and as any one campaigning for the upcoming elections would know you can’t use an official Council email address on campaign leaflets.

    I would go as far as saying pot calling kettle especially after it was the Liberal Democrats who reported one of the Labour Candidates for doing the same thing with their email address in a campaign leaflet.

  6. Steve Carr says:

    These have been delivered outside of the election period and Jackie is currently a county councillor. John McGrath is not!

    • Donna MacRae says:

      So it is okay to use a Councillors Council email address on a campaign leaflet if you are a Lib Dem but not okay for anyone else and the wrong information regarding worrying people that 100s of extra houses will go on Field Farm, when they won’t as the wrong area is clearly marked on the newsletter? it most certainly is silly season.

      • Steve Carr says:

        Yes. Because this is a County Council election and she is a County Councillor. From Monday she cannot use it. And she will not.

      • Donna MacRae says:

        Councillor Carr, you mentioned that Jacky Williams will not be using her County Councillor email address on leaflets from Monday just gone. If this is the case why are Liberal Democrat campaign leaflets being delivered in Stapleford today with the email address still being used.

  7. Steve,

    Any news on withdrawing the Focus leaflet with the erroneous map on it?

    Or at least asking David to publish a correction in your newsletter?


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