Anna Soubry’s response to the HS2 consultations

You will find below link to a copy of Anna Soubry’s response to the HS2 property compensation and route refinement consultations which closed on 9th March.  

Anna Soubry MP – HS2 Consultations

Please contact the constituency office on 0115 943 6507 if you have any further questions.

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2 Responses to Anna Soubry’s response to the HS2 consultations

  1. Andy Cooper says:

    Dear Anna

    I note your comments regarding probable impact on residents in Nuthall. You make particular reference to the problems which will be caused during construction. You quite rightly point out the busy roundabout at Nuthall Island. Traffic congestion now is a nightmare and if ever there was a time to promote the tram route to Kimberley, this is it. However, your Tory colleagues on Nuthall Parish Council are 100 per cent opposed to the idea. In fact they have labelled supporters of the plan misguided!

    I will emphasise yet again that the tram route would predominantly be OFF ROAD. I recall also that you told me at a housing meeting in Kimberley several years ago that you were in favour of the extension to Kimberley.

    If HS2 goes ahead many of us will not witness completion. However, I sincerely hope that some of us who support a greener and sustainable transport system and infrastructure for our area, which has been neglected for decades, will leave a legacy for future generations.

    Many who are objecting to HS2 and further extensions to the tram are not thinking long term which has blighted planning in this country in my generation.

    Perhaps you could also reply to my earlier email regarding Kimberley Miners Welfare Football Club.

    Yours sincerely Andy Cooper 4 New Farm Lane Nuthall

  2. Andy Cooper says:

    I refer to our MP’s comment regarding construction impact on the area adjacent Nuthall Island and J26 M1. Traffic congestion at peak times and M1 closure is a nightmare now. Imagine what it would be like once construction of HS2 goes ahead. There is no better time now to press for the extension of the tram extension to Kimberley and beyond from Phoenix Park. I started the campaign for the extension 9 years ago. Supporters of the campaign are called misguided by Ms Soubry’s supporters in Nuthall on the Parish Council, likewise in Kimberley. The majority of them don’t have to commute to Nottingham as they are either retired or work locally.

    They oppose the scheme even though the majority of the route is OFF ROAD!! Ms Soubry told me several years ago that she supported the extension to Kimberley but that support appears to have evaporated. Perhaps she and her Tory friends on Nuthall and Kimberley councils should visit Phoenix Park & Ride before lunchtime on any working day and they will see how popular the tram is.
    This area urgently needs a green, sustainable transport system to ease the chronic congestion. I know there is massive support for the extension.

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