Councillor Martin Plackett says ‘Positives for Bramcote’

martin-plackett-latestBroxtowe Borough Council Jobs and Economy Committee at its meeting last night voted unanimously to include in the Part 2 Local Plan the following areas in Bramcote to become protected LOCAL GREEN SPACE giving the same protection as GREENBELT. 

  • Bramcote Hills
  • Bramcote Ridge
  • Burnt Hill Bramcote
  • Land east and west of Coventry Lane at Bramcote and Stapleford

This decision fully protects both the whole of our beautiful Bramcote  Park and the Moor Lane playing fields/running track.

In addition if the appeal to allow building on the old Golf Course is rejected, that land too will be given the same Local Green Space protection.   The Council in their submission to the Inspector hearing the appeal has indicated their intention to offer this protection if the appeal is turned down.

Further areas of Local Green Space may be designated through the forthcoming NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN.

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5 Responses to Councillor Martin Plackett says ‘Positives for Bramcote’

  1. Richard Willan says:

    Thank you for the news Martin but we musn’t forget that this latest determination wouldn’t have been necessary if the whole area hadn’t previously been taken out of the Green Belt by a decision taken by the same committee just a few weeks earlier. To celebrate the notion that Local Green Space supposedly has the same level of protection as Green Belt is possibly a little disingenuous. After all, Green Belt status hasn’t saved the vast swathe of land from Field Farm to Moor Lane (including the land either side of Coventry Lane) from being allocated for development.

  2. Rick P says:

    Whist I fully appreciate your efforts and whole heartedly agree with giving this land all the protection you can get, let us not forget any future council can reverse these decisions and take land out of protected status. Field Farm being the prime example. If any of this land is owned by a developer, they will get government support over any council to allow it to be built on. This council campaigned to get elected on a ‘Save our Greenbelt’ ticket. So far they have not saved any and are now promoting building on any land they can find. Greenbelt included.

    • RichHartman says:

      Giving it a protected open space badge does not provide the same protection from development as if it was a green belt. Green belt status is based on national policy, protected open space is merely a local attribute.
      We have seen what little effect green belt protection has proved to be, and we have also seen what little effect open space protection has proved to be where an appeal was granted for housing to be built on the Hemshill Hall land near Nuthall ( the council’s protection was overruled by a planning inspector).
      So let’s not be mis-led by any suggestion of protection from building.

  3. Theo K says:

    Perhaps I am the only one confused here, but wasn’t there a meeting of the same committee (Jobs and Economy) on the 26th of January in which it was decided to release from Green Belt some of the above areas? And in particular the area east of Coventry Lane also known as the ‘playing fields’?

    The minutes of the most recent meeting are not on the Broxtowe’s Council websites yet, so I cannot double check; but is Councillor Plackett saying that the areas (east and west) of Coventry Lane have now got Local Green Space ‘protection’ which is the same as ‘Green Belt’? But these areas were released from ‘Green Belt’ status about a month ago? I am afraid I am rather confused …

  4. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Hi Theo. The wording in my previous post was from the motion passed at the 26/2 Jobs and Economy meeting and yes some what confusing.
    In essence in Bramcote along side Burnt Hill, The Ridge, the whole of Bramcote Park and the land known as the Moor Lane Playing Fields have become protected Local Green Space offering the same protection as Greenbelt.

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