Field Farm statement from STRAG

STRAG logoStatement from Stapleford & Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG)

20th February 2017    Appeal Ref: APP/J3015/W/16/3154282

We are very disappointed and saddened with the outcome of the Inspector’s Report regarding Phase 1 of the development for 118 houses on Field Farm.

The Inspector’s report focussed on the ‘urban’ character of the site.  We feel that this is in contradiction of the fact that it was Green Belt land and that we, the body that has fought to prevent development on the site are known as Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group. This is not the development that was wanted by local residents, Stapleford Town Council or Broxtowe Borough Council.

The fact that the Government have overridden the view of a Local Authority is somewhat worrying.  Broxtowe Borough Council were not saying ‘do not build’.  They were hoping and asking that the quality of build, responsibility and duty of care needed from the Developer should do justice to the sensitive nature of the site.  Unfortunately the Developer has ignored them. Now that the Inspector has overruled the authority on all these issues, it sets a very worrying standard and basically means that our Council has no more than ‘meaningless control’ over builders once outline planning permission has been granted.

It is very much apparent that the Council had its hands bound by the wrong decisions made by the previous Council on the Broxtowe Aligned Core Strategy (BACS) and the outline planning permission. There have been so many mistakes made at the time of the BACS negotiations, lost opportunities and lack of ambition of national and regional spatial development policy.  This once again proves that housing provision in this country is developer-led and not planner-led and that ecological issues are quite blatantly ignored.

We had hoped that the whole site could have been taken into consideration from the onset so that a compromise could have been achieved. Ideally, this would have safeguarded some of the valuable countryside particularly the area north east beyond the ridge and plantation and at the back of Stapleford Hill, so precious for the wellbeing of local residents and visitors to the area.  It now seems that developer-led piecemeal proposals could in time ruin this as well.

STRAG will continue to monitor future proposals for further phases of development on this site. We urge everyone who cares to continue to keep a close eye on proceedings and to offer their support to us for the benefit of us all.

Zoe Cockcroft,  Chair STRAG

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5 Responses to Field Farm statement from STRAG

  1. Let us not forget that we are in this position as a result of labour/lib dem councillors in 2014/15 strongly supporting taking field farm out of the green belt in the face of large and vocal opposition from local residents.

    Our present councillors have proven to be tat, best impotent in living up to their pre election aspirations to defend the green belt.

    Broxtowe, and Bramcote, faces significant choices in how its land will be used and these will be taken at borough and county levels in the coming weeks and months. As ever silence implies consent, so while speaking out sometimes invites contempt I would encourage all to let their views be know early, loudly and often if we are to retain and indeed enhance the Bramcote we enjoy.

    • Cllr. Dave Pearson, Leader, Stapleford Town Council says:

      I can only endorse the comments of both Zoe and Paul. It now means we have little chance of influencing the next phases of Field Farm, or indeed any other future developments. I have always resisted the building on Field Farm and if this had not been allowed in the first place we would not be facing this situation. Sadly as is pointed out our local Broxtowe Councillors at that time were in favour of the development and in my opinion totally let us down. I fear for what is likely to happen in the future as this decision seems to give the green light to developers.

      • Donna MacRae says:

        Thank you Councillor Pearson for attending the Public Inquiry alongside my Husband Councillor Richard MacRae and speaking up against this decision. It is sad to hear that the second Ward Councillor for Stapleford North attended the meeting but never spoke up. Shame on him.

      • RichHartman says:

        The appeal inspector was implementing the Conservative government’s policy of getting more homes built without delay, of removing obstacles so that housebuilders like Westermans can just get on with it . We voted this Conservative government in so we have ourselves to blame.

  2. Adrian Hirst says:

    Lots of similarities elsewhere in the Borough. Folks back plans for a the proposed HS2 Station at Toton and straight away the Promoters seem to be talking about the exciting potential for adding a new City between Derby and Nottingham. I think they realise this is total nonsense, for lots of reasons, but are maybe hoping we will be relieved to compromise on a new Meadow Hall type shopping centre above the tracks to make the Feeder Services etc more economically viable.

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