Former Golf Course Appeal

We have approximately just 23 hours in which to comment online to the Planning Inspector about the Former Golf Course Appeal.  You may make your comments to Michael Joyce the Inspector at the Planning Inspectorate website. Here

If you have not done already you will need to register.   You will need a ‘User Name’, ’email address’ and create a Password.   You also have to give your own postal address and telephone number.  You will be sent an email and then need to respond to that email.

Your Comments must be made on or before 4.00 pm on 9 February.

It is unfortunate that the Planning Inspectorate Website will be closed for essential maintenance work between 6.30pm and 23.30pm  today Wednesday 8 February.

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2 Responses to Former Golf Course Appeal

  1. Jane Bowden says:

    I just tried to look at this using the link but got no further than the basic info. There were no documents that I could find to find out exactly what the appeal was about. Have I missed something?

    • Mike Johnson says:

      As mentioned in the post. The Planning Inspectorate Website is out of action at the moment. I have copied the following from the site:
      Site is temporarily unavailable.
      We are currently performing essential maintenance.
      Our site will be back soon.
      We apologise for any inconvenience.

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