News From Broxtowe Liberal Democrats 4 February 2017

Liberal Democrats LogoDavid Watts writes on: 1. Election Agreement, 2. Tory U Turn on Housing, 3. Chinese New Year, 4. Lib Dem Website, 5. Council Website, 6. Council Tax Rises, 7. Nottinghamshire Economic Development Capital Fund, 8. Free WiFi in Stapleford Town Centre, 9. Blue Badge Consultation, 10. Green Garden Waste, 11. Hall on Wong Park, 12. New Chief Constable.

1. Election Agreement
I’m delighted to announce that the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party here in Broxtowe have announced an agreement for the County Council elections this year. As the two progressive parties we have agreed not to oppose each others candidates, and to endorse each other instead. This means that there will be no Liberal Democrat candidates in the Greasley and Kimberly/Nuthall council divisions and no Green candidate in Beeston North and Bramcote and also in Stapleford and Broxtowe Central. This is a local agreement because we know that we can work together well and we hope that it may be a template for other agreements across the country. We were joined today by MP Tom Brake and Lord Brian Paddick to announce the agreement.

2. Tory U Turn on Housing
The Conservative administration in Broxtowe has performed a complete U turn on its housing proposals for the borough. Readers may recall that they ran their entire campaign towards the local elections in 2015 promising not to build on the green belt. They have now announced plans to build thousands of new homes, nearly all of them on the green belt. This includes 300 houses in the green belt in Bramcote, where they promised that they would not build a single house, and a huge extension to Field Farm in Stapleford after telling people that they were opposed to this development.

3. Chinese New Year
It was extremely disappointing that the administration in Broxtowe decided to cancel the Chinese New Year celebrations. This has in previous years been a major community event in Broxtowe and people have been left very disappointed by the decision to scrap the celebration completely.

4. Lib Dem Website
Broxtowe Liberal Democrats have revamped our website. You can see the new look site at Over the next few weeks we will be adding a whole load more new material to it as well, so keep checking back for further updates.

5. Council Website
Broxtowe Borough Council have also revamped their website. You can see their new look site at

6. Council Tax Rises
Notts County Council have announced plans to raise council tax by 3% this year. They say that the money will be used to fund social care, and will also be accompanied by a grant of £2.8 million from the Government.

7. Nottinghamshire Economic Development Capital Fund
Research shows that many local businesses are struggling to secure finance from mainstream funders for investments designed to help them expand. Recognising this, Nottinghamshire County Council has introduced the Capital Fund which will provide up to £6 million of financial support until March 2020. The fund aims to help 70 businesses to improve performance, create 550 new jobs, safeguard 350 existing jobs, attract an additional £13 million of funding and ensure that 85% of the new jobs created are at or exceed the Living Wage Foundation hourly rate. The Capital Fund has already invested over £2 million to a range of schemes across the county which will create 250 jobs. The latest round of grants are now available and local businesses can find more details and application forms at

8. Free WiFi in Stapleford Town Centre
The Borough Council have agreed to provide free wifi in Stapleford town centre as part of efforts to attract and retain visitors to the town. The Council will be investing £25,000 in the project, which has been part funded by a government grant to boost town centres. It is hoped that the Wi-Fi will be up and running by the end of April.

9. Blue Badge Consultation
Blue Badge Holders and other car park users are being urged to have their say on an upcoming consultation about the provision of Blue Badge parking spaces at some of Broxtowe Borough Council’s car parks. The Council is consulting on the provision of spaces in five of its 29 car parks, after surveys taken in the autumn of last year suggested a significant number of spaces in these sites were underused. The consultation will run from 13th February for one month, and will be on the councils website at

10. Green Garden Waste
Broxtowe residents are being reminded to subscribe early to the 2017/18 garden waste service to ensure their collections continue seamlessly into the new subscription period. 2017/18 subscription letters will be delivered to households in the Borough over the next three weeks. The current subscription year ends on 2nd April and new prices for the upcoming year (3rd April 2017- 1st April 2018 inclusive) are £31 for 1 brown lidded bin and £12 for each additional bin. Readers will note from this that the council have decided to increase prices this year. Subscriptions can be renewed at

11. Hall on Wong Park
The Borough Council have announced that they intend to fell up to 40 trees in Hall on Wong park in Kimberley. They say that the trees are growing too close together and so they need to fell some to enable the others to thrive. A number of local residents have expressed their unhappiness about this and a petition has been started opposing the plans.

12. New Chief Constable
Nottinghamshire Police’s chief constable Sue Fish has retired after 30 years in service to the police. The new Chief Constable is Craig Guildford, formerly of Gwent Police.

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2 Responses to News From Broxtowe Liberal Democrats 4 February 2017

  1. Rick P says:

    2. Tory U Turn on Housing
    Yes I and many others I have spoken to in regard to this are extremely disappointed and dismayed at this complete disregard to what they promised the voters. They campaigned telling us Greenbelt was sacrosanct and would never be built on. Locally Anna Soubry and BBC never saved one inch of Greenbelt and now actively campaign to build on it. It does make you wonder what is the point of voting at all. Every politician or councillor campaigns on one thing, gets into power and does the complete opposite. There are far too many derelict and empty houses, and a massive amount of Brownfield sites in and around this borough to satisfy the housing need. But no this council, like the last one take the cheaper option and let Broxtowe’s precious Greenbelt disappear forever. We are already living in the most built up borough in the county.
    Personally I give up, whatever we vote for, it never happens, and people wonder why Donald Trump won the US presidency.

  2. Rick – all it takes is for reasonable people to do… nothing. Please do not give up.

    Today’s Housing White Paper makes interesting reading – anyone so minded can download it from the DCLG website and can enjoy searching for “green belt”:

    I will be addressing this topic in the light of recent incidents – and their absence – at my talk to next weeks AGM of the Bramcote Hills Community Association.

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