Libdems and Greens agree not to oppose each other in the May Election.

Katharina Boettge

Katharina Boettge

Katharina Boettge a member of the Green Party writes:  We are excited to announce that we have agreed on an electoral alliance for the upcoming County Council elections in May. The Libdems and Greens have agreed to not oppose and in deed endorse each other in some wards.

We recognise these political difficult times, and want to offer a different way to politics. Positive politics for change. We hope that this marks a start for future cooperation.  Kind regards, Kat

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One Response to Libdems and Greens agree not to oppose each other in the May Election.

  1. Sue Sambells says:

    I’m delighted to announce that the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party here in Broxtowe have announced an agreement for the County Council elections this year. As the two progressive parties we have agreed not to oppose each others candidates, and to endorse each other instead. This means that there will be no Liberal Democrat candidates in the Greasley and Kimberly/Nuthall council divisions and no Green candidate in Beeston North and Bramcote and also in Stapleford and Broxtowe Central. This is a local agreement because we know that we can work together well and we hope that it may be a template for other agreements across the country. We were joined today by MP Tom Brake and Lord Brian Paddick to announce the agreement.
    Excerpt from David Watts newsletter

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