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There’s some important news on a number of local matters notably the HS2 event at Trowell.  

As I said before the EU Referendum, I will respect and honour the result and so will be voting for the Bill which will begin the process of our leaving the EU. I have said this for many months now.  I appreciate and understand why so many constituents will be deeply disappointed by my decision and I know marginally more – will be very pleased. I believe almost everyone is getting somewhat bored by Brexit and wants us to get on with it.  

Like most constituents, I was appalled to learn that President Trump has decided to impose a temporary ban on people and refugees from a number of countries which are predominantly Muslim.  This ban has no moral or factual justification. There hasn’t been a single terrorist attack since 9/11 in America involving anyone who emigrated from or whose parents emigrated from any of the 7 countries on Trump’s list. However, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt are not included in the ban even though their citizens have mounted terrorist attacks on the USA.

We can accordingly be sure Trump’s ban is based entirely on prejudice and unjustified fear which he seeks to stoke and exploit – meanwhile it appears he’s keen not to harm his own financial interests.  In any event it is deeply offensive and plain wrong to stereotype any faith, religion or race on the wicked actions of a tiny minority. 

Our deep rooted sense of tolerance in Broxtowe is best exemplified in our Deputy Mayor Halimah Khaled and her family.  Like the overwhelming majority of British Muslims, Halimah embodies our traditional values of family, hard work, being involved in your community, respect for the rule of law, and tolerance. Perhaps President Trump would like to meet Halimah ,who is a Conservative, when he comes to our country .    As ever

HS2 – Trowell meeting highlights serious issues  


Councillor Lydia Ball with Anna Soubry MP

Over a thousand people attended the HS2 event in Trowell Parish Hall on Friday. I was there for much of the day along with Councillors from the village and beyond. 

The maps and helpful staff provided much information but the lack of a model and ‘artists impression’ has added to the considerable concern about the height of the proposed viaduct – 16m or as one resident tells me – the same height as the church spire. 

It’s right to assume people living near the proposed East Midlands hub at Toton Sidings will see an increase in the value of their home. However, Trowell is included in the area so homes on the route through the village will not be compensated. This is flawed reasoning and I have made my views clear to the Secretary of State, Chris Grayling. I have also invited him to Broxtowe and in particular to Trowell.

I have already written to every household in Trowell, Strelley Village and the relevant parts of Nuthall. I have also spoken to a number of residents and Borough Councillors about the proposed route. Just because HS2 has widespread support (in particular the siting of the East Midlands Hub at Toton Sidings) amongst elected representatives it doesn’t mean we back the planned route nor the plans. Not surprisingly, I haven’t met anyone who supports the lack of compensation for people on the route through Trowell.

We learnt from the tram extension to Toton that it is critical to get the right route and to work and consult with all residents. Proper planning and compensation is critical to reduce and mitigate the construction of such a vast infrastructure project. The route must also have the minimum visual and aesthetic impact on the village. 

Two actions have come from Friday’s event: I will write again to all residents about the consultation which ends in March detailing how they can have their say and what I am doing as the MP to represent all their concerns. Secondly, I have called a meeting of all the Borough and County Councillors (including Stapleford) along the route. I believe we must work together and coordinate our work on behalf of everyone we represent.

Please email me for more information or to raise any matter about HS2 and use the HS2 link at the top of this newsletter

Stapleford free Wi-Fi  by end of April

Stapleford is all set to get free Wi-Fi in the town centre by the end of April, after a successful campaign by traders which I fiercely supported! Well done to Amy Davis of Tailored For You who has led the campaign along with the Town Team and the Town’s Councillors. Broxtowe Borough Council’s Jobs and Economy Committee agreed to invest £25,000 in the scheme along with Government funding, which will boost the town’s economy.

Bramcote set for new school as Borough Council secures Green Belt and builds new homes

Broxtowe Borough Council has voted in favour of controversial plans to change our Green Belt. 

When the Conservatives were elected to run the Council in 2015 they inherited a housing target of 6150 new houses and grave problems in providing what’s called a 5 year land supply. Without that bank of land available for housing, the risk to our Green Belt increases.

new-schoolThe Council’s plans include a £20 million new school at Bramcote on the existing White Hills Park Federation site. The spend is the proceeds of selling the school’s little used land off Coventry Lane for 300 new homes. This sale will also protect the remaining Green Belt in Bramcote including, I believe, any building on the Golf Course. 

There will be more homes at Awsworth with the approval of the Neighbourhood Forum and new homes in Kimberley on the Depot and neighbouring caravan business site (which is moving to a bigger location in Broxtowe). The Green Belt in places like Nuthall and Greasley is now much safer from development as the Council has met the 5 year land supply target.

Brexit – bringing everyone together as we get on with it

In my email newsletter of June 22nd 2016 I wrote “be assured if we vote out we’re out”. When I was re-elected as your MP in 2015 I made a clear promise to vote for an In Out EU Referendum and honour the result. I’ve never said I would do otherwise, even though I did my best to persuade constituents to vote Remain and have always believed it is in our best interests to be a member of the EU. You can’t vote for a Referendum, agreeing “you the people will settle this matter” and then not vote to implement the vote just because you don’t agree with it. So, I will vote this week to give the Prime Minister the power to trigger Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the EU

In the wake of the Referendum result many who voted Remain have felt sidelined and ignored. Those of us who put our heads above the parapet have been abused and even threatened. 

We have seen vicious campaigns in some of our newspapers who have blatantly and deliberately printed lies and all manner of nonsenses. Judges, politicians, commentators and experts have been vilified for simply doing their job. Hate crime rose and has yet to fall to pre Referendum levels in our county. 

I have spoken on behalf of both remain and leave constituents, especially those running businesses, in favour of membership of the single market and the free movement of people from the EU. 

Unfortunately, the Government has decided that restricting immigration is more important than the economic benefits membership of the single market confers.

I will not stop making those arguments; just because you lose a debate or a vote doesn’t mean you lose your right to continue to campaign for what you believe in, though many seem to have forgotten that. 

But most importantly perhaps, we need to move on and as we leave the EU we need to come together to get the best deal for everyone in our country. And you can be assured that as part of that process I will continue for the restoration of those most traditional British values – free speech in a Parliamentary democracy, tolerance and fairness for all.

Finally, I was very pleased the Prime Minister has agreed to publish a White Paper setting out the Government’s objectives in the Brexit negotiations. I called for the White Paper in last weeks PM Questions. This week Theresa May gave me the credit for the change of heart but it was in fact thanks to a number of MP’s on all sides.

Flashing Tram reveals Ice problem

My thanks to Phil Shiel who is a regular contributor to the Tram Rant Room on Facebook. Phil has alerted me to the difficulties the tram has when ice forms on overhead lines. He’s posted an alarming video on Facebook which shows dramatic flashes as the tram struggled with hard frosts last week. I am seeking assurances from NET for residents on the route.

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18 Responses to News from Anna Soubry MP

  1. stevebarber says:

    People concerned about Trump and his racist policies are meeting in Beeston Share this Monday at 18:30. A letter will be delivered from there to Anna Soubry. This is for members of all parties and of none. If you have concerns please turn up.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      Before you start shouting about President Trump’s racist policies just check on the 16 nations who don’t allow Israeli passport holders to enter their countries. Then talk to me about racism..You’ll lose the argument..And apart from that Steve, you have’nt mentioned where you’re meeting in Beeston

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Whats the point of having a meeting about Trump. Does anyone think that he will be interested. What good will it do, what do you want to achieve? Congress and the Senate will slap him down, hard, or a lot of them will lose their lucrative seats in two years, or less.

      • Fred R says:

        What’s the point in complaining about an event which in your view is a complete irrelevance? If folk want to go, then more fool them, eh? In the meantime, you can exercise your right to stay away and do something more interesting, like feeding sunflowers or hunting haggises. Or, better, go along and give those assembled the benefit of your forthright and undoubtedly reasoned objections to their actions, and see if your counter-arguments stand up. Free speech and all that…

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        No objections to people going to demonstrate Fred. Just wondering what they hope to achieve.

  2. RichHartman says:

    Quote: “When the Conservatives were elected to run the Council in 2015 they inherited a housing target of 6150 new houses and grave problems in providing what’s called a 5 year land supply. Without that bank of land available for housing, the risk to our Green Belt increases.”.

    Fact: the 5 year housing and supply requirement was handed down to councils by Ms Soubry’s government, not simply ‘inherited’ from the previous labour-libdem-run council.

    Fact: Ms Soubry has campaigned to ‘save the green belt’ but now says that by releasing greenbelt land for housing, the green belt is protected. Campaign failed? Or now set aside as always being an unrealistic pipedream in the light of her own government’s requirements handed down to our council?

  3. Graham Taylor says:

    Some of us still think Brexit without access to The Single Market is a disaster. Shame that Brexit is forcing us into the hands of Trump. That’s not what we need!

  4. Mike Johnson says:

    I and my family all voted to remain. Access to the Single Market at the moment means we will have to accept free movement across our borders. If we believe that most people voted for control of our borders then as democrats we have to accept no access, at the moment, to the Single Market.
    However, this is the position before we start the negotiations. We will have to see what we have in two years time.

  5. Ian Blakeley says:

    In 1975 I voted to remain in the EEC. In those days there was no talk of Federal Europe or Schengen or Free movement of people, it was purely about trade and Westminster made our laws, and The Law Lords were the highest court in British Law. If you wanted to come to Britain there were certain rules you had to obey.

    Last year I voted to leave on five principles:- (1) I don’t agree with 28 unelected people, plus the few at the top i.e. Junkers and Tusk, making my countries laws. (2) I don’t believe in the ‘Directives’ (is that similar to recent goings on?) which are not even permitted to be discussed by Westminster, we just get told Do it – Or else. (3) The highest court in Britain is the European Court of Justice. That court can overrule our Supreme Court and that is wrong. (4) I believe very strongly that people should be able to come here to work, BUT there has to be rules, and we should be able to deport criminals. What was in the outside of the tin in 1975, wasn’t what we found was inside in 2016 (and earlier). (5) I don’t believe that the same bunch of miscreants mentioned in (1) should be able to tell our business’s who they can sell to and buy from.

    In the main, immigrants are good for us. There are more than a few bad apples, some countries seem to send us more of these than others, but in the majority of immigrants seem to be ok.

    Britain will have access to the single market, because the manufacturers there will demand it. Life will continue.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      I voted to leave the EEC in 1975 because, although Ian says there was no talk of a Federal Europe or Schengen it was on the cards and many of us could see it coming..The Treaty of Rome in 1957 mentions easing or lifting border restrictions on goods, services and finance and it was only a matter of time before free movement followed..Yes, we have needed and still do need skilled immigrants but like anything else it has to be controlled for the benefit of all concerned and although the EU is our biggest trading area we buy more from the EU than we sell to them and the gap is getting bigger by the year.

  6. Michael Rich says:

    Anna, your proposed vote in favour of triggering Article 50 and your reasons listed above would be acceptable, if it were not for the despicable campaign of lies, mostly propagated by non tax paying, overseas owned, organisations such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express, while UK citizens living overseas, many in the EU, were excluded from voting, as were the 16-18 year olds, whose future is bound up with this decision to leave the largest and most prosperous free trade bloc in the world.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Why should suddenly all 16-18 year old get to vote. Just because the people who will not accept the democratically arrived at decision think that the result would have been different. What next, down to the age at which children become responsible for their criminal actions (10 yrs). 18 is young enough as under that age they cannot serve in HM Forces in a conflict zone, they cannot own property (house), or rent a home. Under 18 they are legally minors.

      As for the EU residents, I understand that if they still owned property in UK and that was a registered address they could vote by post.

      Grow up, Get over it, Get behind the Govt. and Get the withdrawal from the EU to work.

  7. Barry Morrison says:

    Michael. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it..We’ve had nothing but lies for nearly forty five years including and before 1973 when we joined the EEC.

  8. Mike H says:

    Just a personal reverie …
    I do wonder which particular directives we should ditch first. Do we really want clean water, and beaches, consumer protections, safe handling of hazardous substances, pesticide controls, access to European-wide fisheries, and so on? I suspect there are restrictive directives that I don’t like but I can’t name any.
    I would like my Grandchildren to be able to freely attend European Universities as their parents could (and did), I would like my family members to be able to participate in collaborative industrial research projects as I could (and did).
    I would like my daughter’s Spanish employers to retain their UK base and my son’s company to carry on exporting to Germany without his products attracting tariffs.
    I would also like to control immigration to this country, to bring our enormous budget deficit under control, to stop global warming, to redistribute wealth fairly and, as a serial user of its services, I would like to stop the dismantlement of our health service.
    Post Brexit I would like to know which products we are going to free-trade and who is going to make them and buy them.
    I would be grateful if someone would tell me (calmly and politely) how withdrawing from an (admittedly imperfect) mechanism for Europe-wife collaboration helps to achieve any of these ambitions.
    I wonder what miraculous improvement to our well being will come first after we leave??

    • Michael Rich says:

      Well saId, Mike H. It is a very rare Brexiteer, who can name any specific directive, ruling or regulation we are trying to escape from, other than free movement. Even then they don’t want to admit that if, because of some particularly spiteful negotiating tactic by this government, we lose some 2 million young, tax paying workers and replace them with 1.3 million pensioners, if they all have to come back. What will that do to the NHS?

      Perhaps we won’t need to worry, as by then this government will have sold off the NHS to US corporations in a trade deal which leaves us a lot worse off.

    • Barry Morrison says:

      Well Mike. As I understand it and research I’ve done, it tells me that these directives are incorporated into EU law which supercedes British Law which in turn means they are enshrined into British Law. And as Teresa May has already indicated she does not intend repealing any of these laws so hopefully that should take care of that.
      As for trade, well a lot of negotiations have yet to take place and to be honest it would’nt benefit anyone to try to bully or punish anyone else and it seems to me that the EU have a bigger problem than the UK pulling out because of the number of elections in EU land this year with the very real possibilty of other EU nations having the same idea as us.
      On a personal note, my wife is disabled and wheelchair bound so the Airport Assistance imposed by the EU should be of great help to me but sadly it’s a joke at British airports..I’m fortunate that I’m fit enough to push my wife’s wheelchair anywhere in the airports but a lot of people are’nt..Having said all that, all I really need is the ambulift from the ground up to the aircraft and the ambulift was in use at airports before the EU ever came into being so that’s another thing that won’t change.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        I would be happy to stay in, if the following points were addressed and enacted.
        1) The European Court of Justice is disbanded and the UK Supreme Court takes its place as the highest court in, and for the UK.
        2) The EU Commissioners are removed from office and British politicians make British laws.
        3) The various agencies within the EU that merrily issue directives via commissioners stay working but British politicians decide if they go on the statute book.
        4) The various half baked ideas like (a) A Federal Europe and (b) European Armed forces under command of one country are scrapped.
        5) EU Strasbourg is scrapped.
        6) Britain is permitted to deport lawbreakers from UK back to their country of origin.

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