Comment from Cllr. Martin Plackett


Martin Plackett

Following last night’s meeting of the Jobs and Economy Committee of Broxtowe Borough Council I list the following POSITIVE outcomes for Bramcote after changes to Greenbelt boundaries within the Ward.

  • 1.   A brand new state of the art School for our children and grandchildren paid for from the proceeds of the sale of the unused playing fields off Coventry Lane.
    2.   The decision gives the Borough the statutory 5 year land supply so ensuring no more encroachment to Bramcote’s precious Greenbelt.
    3.   This decision will certainly be favourably taken into account by the inspector hearing the building proposals for the old golf course.
    4.   Bramcote Park, the running track off Moor Lane and the Golf Course site (if the appeal is rejected) will become Local Protected Green Space offering the same protection as Greenbelt.
    5.   The potential for leisure facilities on the new school site.
    6.   An opportunity for our Neighbourhood Forum to offer in their proposed Plan the type of development off Coventry Lane, and the enhancement of existing and new green infrastructures within the area.  
  • Martin Plackett Cllr Bramcote Ward BBC
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10 Responses to Comment from Cllr. Martin Plackett

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    The Park School we understand will be demolished and that site is a potential site for the Leisure Centre. When the present Leisure Centre is demolished that site may well be a suitable site for a Senior Citizens complex.

  2. Steve Carr says:

    I am all I favour of a new school but the tragedy is that to fund it will require building on the last part of Bramcote Moor and the green belt. As much as I like Martin, to try and persuade us that last night’s decision protects Bramcote’s greenbelt is pure spin. There will be little left.

    The big mistake the coalition government made (my party was part of the coalition) was to stop the Building Schools for the Future programme. Yes it was a pretty rubbish scheme but not to replace it with an alternative was a mistake.

    The Leader of the Council asked me last night if I thought it was right that a school should ask taxpayers to foot the bill when they are sat on assets. My reply was yes when it is precious green belt land. Otherwise where would strapped for cash councils stop?

    Incidentally, it should be noted that the Leader of the Labour Group said he would develop the land even if it wasn’t to fund a new school. So we know where we stand there.

    I voted against the report as it also included increasing the allocation at Toton from 500 to 1200 and in the hope that our MP can convince central government to fund the new build school.

    Another councillor, Labour, defied his party to vote with me. Every other Conservative and Labour councillor voted for this. Not what was promised in May 2015.

  3. Richard Willan says:

    I think a lot of concerned residents would like to know precisely what was decided, and by whom, at the Jobs and Economy meeting on 26th January without having to rely on filtered ‘spin’ from our councillors. When the full information is available then no doubt the tax payers and voters of Bramcote will be able to generate their own list of positives and negatives.

  4. Graham Taylor says:

    My email from Bramcote Today says “State of the ark School “. Now I know that the land off Coventry Lane is VERY wet but are they trying to tell us something??

    I understand that much of the former playing fields is industrial slag (mainly from the old coal mines and brickworks in the area and that there was once a drainage “slough” that fed into the canal crossing this land. Is it actually suitable for building??

  5. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    In his submission to the Jobs and Economy Committee, Mike Johnson, wrote ‘ A delay in making the right decision could be very dangerous.’ ‘ I am concerned that if the Council cannot prove that there is the required 5 years supply of building land, then other land that is more important to the residents of Bramcote will be at risk of being lost to Developers’
    Such other ‘important ‘ lands currently in the Greenbelt, MAY include the Moor Lane Playing Fields, Bramcote Park, King George V Park, the large swath of land below Bluebell Hill Woods from the Bramcote Island to Bardells Island, the lands off Common Lane to Baulk Lane???
    The 200 houses off Coventry Lane, in the Councils Part 2 Plan, approved by the Committee last evening take to just over a 5 year allocation, so averting the danger that Mike alluded too in his submission to the Committee. The Councils decision makes provision for Bramcote Park, the Moor Lane Playing Fields and the old Golf Course (subject to the rejection of an appeal) to become Local Protected Green Spaces offering the same protection as Greenbelt. The other many ‘important’ lands mentioned above remaining in Greenbelt.

  6. stevejcarr says:

    Minutes not on website yet but without any comment;

    Approved housing development both east and west of Coventry Lane. A total of 400 houses.

  7. Ian Tyler says:

    So Cllr.Richard Jackson finally acknowledges the hypocrisy of the Conservative Groups stance on Green Belt development, a keystone of their election pledges which now when faced with the reality of the housing needs, they have to drink the water to which they were led.

  8. Philip Owen says:

    It would appear that Cllr Carr has had a lapse of memory. When the Conservatives took control of the Council in 2015 I assumed responsibility for planning policy. After 20 years of Labour and Liberal control there was a two year land supply. That is evidenced by the failure of the Council to successfully defend its decision to reject a planning application for over 100 houses in protected open space at Nuthall on the Hempshill Hall site. The main reason given by the inspector at the appeal hearing on this site was the Council’s failure to demonstrate a five year land supply.
    After one year of Conservative control this had increased to 4.4 years. I won’t attempt to put any ‘political spin’ on this, just to state the bald facts.

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